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May 31 2014

Below is another look at a few recent domain flips and flops, with recent data courtesy of DN Journal and historical data from NameBio.


  • – Sold recently for $15,000 at Sedo, vs $1,250 in 2011 at Sedo. Developed in German, with its screenshot below, and a Google translation of their homepage as follows, “Present yourself as a star! Follow your favorite players! Be always up to date about your favorite player or your Team!”

we are football

  • – Sold recently for $4,990 at GoDaddy, vs $3,600 last year at Sedo.
  • – Sold recently for $3,650 at GoDaddy, vs $3,004 in 2012 at GoDaddy. Extreeeemely thin flip….if I assume 15% commissions, that’s a profit under $100.
  • – Sold recently for $2,800 at GoDaddy, vs $193 last year at GoDaddy. A rudimentary online spice and herbal incense store/blog was live.
  • – Sold recently for $2,499 at GoDaddy, vs $526 in 2009 at TDNam. Not my kind of name with its trademark concerns. The domain is parked and showing car company ads. Owner under privacy protection.
  • – Sold recently for $4,000 at GoDaddy, vs $449 in 2008 at TDNam. It’s not often that companies issue a press release about their domain acquisitions, but that’s what happened here, from publicly traded Endexx Corporation.

“Endexx has acquired In our last annual report Endexx disclosed an app development project. The project name is “Dudad”. Endexx is making preparations to bring the project to the beta testing phase this year. Due to the sensitive nature of the project and its projected market value, Endexx will wait to fully disclose the technology capacity and application of the project.”

Although this was a nice flip for the seller, they may have left some money on the table, as Endexx appears to have a market cap around $17 million, and they have big development plans.


No flops to be found this week…..

Note: I didn’t do an exhaustive search of the ownership history of each domain. There are likely cases where there were multiple owners between the sales prices I list.

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