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Apr 24 2014

This is the first week Aaron is on the team for Book of 10.  Not that he helped any but he at least makes the header.  Sold a few of the names off last week’s list and hoping to sell a few more this week.  If you see a name you like email me an offer. You never know.  Here are today’s names.  $40K  One of the best sports names on the market.  Literally millions of searches.  If Miguel Cabrera can be paid $248 million then this name must be worth a fortune  (auction) No doubt this is the future of security.  Using body features to provide unique identification. Billion dollar industry in the future.  $25 starting bid (auction)  23 Billion dollar industry despite the economic turndown.  With an aging world it will only grow.  $20 opening bid  (auction)  If you are going to buy a 5 number dot com, this is the kind you want.  Ends in 88.  And my opinion is they still go up from here  (auction)  Millions of Americans have them.  Most due to being obese. But who cares why, they are looking for online answers and relief   (auction)  The Media Options NameJet auction is full of amazing names but this is one of my favorite  ($25K)   Great Christmas name or for any gift related site  ($8K )   Great CVCV, means make lots of money in Chinese.  But I don’t know Chinese so pretty sure I’m wrong  ($1500)  One of the biggest flight destinations in the world ($3500)   Good gardening name.  As a bonus makes around $8 a month in parking

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