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Last week’s names had some pretty decent results with selling for $20K.  If you see a name for sale and want to buy or make an offer shoot us an email.  As for the auctions.  Good luck.  Here are this week’s Book of 10 Names.
  (auction) 3D, 4D.   The printer market has a new life and there is a lot of money to be made, domains included  (auction)   Want to get in the marijuana game?   This is a fantastic name to get started.  At a $1 right now   (For Sale)  You’ve heard me mention MOOC before.  It stands for Massive Open Online Course. It’s the future of education where thousands of high level courses are offered on the web for free.  Big market ahead.  Buyer gets the rights to the .uk as well.  Make offer via whois

Wine.AC  (auction)  Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée or AC is a standard that is met by only the highest quality wines.  So this is not only an alternative TLD but is actually an exact match domain.   And best of all it’s memorable and short.  Still cheap IMO at press time (auction) 13 years old.   The billboard industry was originally is peril but it’s making a huge comeback with digital. One of the better names if you’re in this industry and at the current price it’s a drop in the bucket   (auction) One four, not great.  Two fours good.  Easy to remember double twos and fours…..Awesome.  Even as a dot net   (auction) If dot nets are worth 10% of the dot cot then this is $2000 plus IMO  Already gets 400 or 500 visits per month. Not very many segments bigger than the smartphone segment  ($500)   1200 searches per month.  Type in echinacea root into Google and look at all the ads  ($4000)   Double O CVCVs have held great value over the years  ($3500)  Make a fortune with Bill McClure selling flowers online

Domain Spotlight: