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May 22 2014

 The auction in the the list last week did very well.  I even sold a few names of my own.  I had a few names that I put up for auction the next week after listing them here and made an extra $4K over what I had it listed at.    Auctions will be determined by the market.  Contact me if interested in the BIN names .  The kind of name that makes a perfect brand.  Can be used for anything, anyone can spell it, and short.  Good investment IMO (auction) 12 years old. Has met reserve. One of the oldest dot infos there is and so many meanings in different English speaking countries.  From friend to partner  (auction)  17 years old.  A killer finance name that actually means return on investment which is ironic because I think this should have a good yield in the future  $5K  Two of the biggest movies of the year from Hunger Games will have this name. is biggest independent fan site (auction) 13 years old.   The billboard industry was originally is peril but it’s making a huge comeback with digital. One of the better names if you’re in this industry and at the current price it’s a drop in the bucket  (auction) The Gamblers Book Club is a big site that sells all things gambling.  Same could be done with this one and as we all know gambling affiliates pay big money  (auction)   Almost all weight loss is psychological.  People are looking for any help they can on the road to a healthier weight. Another category that has a big affiliate program . No bidders yet  A solicitor is what we call a lawyer in the US.  The are usually the ones that handle legal affairs in the courts. In the US we think of them as salespeople.  The UK word is what is drawing all the bids  ($300)  You like the Kush?  Short and everyone knows what 420 means ($10K ) Last call.   Means “cool dude” to the Mexican street community.   European DJ as well.



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