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Some great discussion on DomainSherpa today.   And of course some good laughs as well. The portfolio was pretty weak today and we were pretty tough on the portfolio owner.   We all had issues with quality and quantity when we first got in to domain investing.  Fortunately for me it wasn’t a lot of money but there were certainly bad names.  I remember vividly buying  I had envisioned a  mortgage site where lenders bid lower and lower rates based on the applicants credit score.  But that’s where I messed up.  I was dreaming about a business. Not the sale of a domain name. A domain name is more valuable when you don’t have to dream up what it would be used for.  The more valuable names can be used for anything.  Names that have the most potential buyers.  When you start saying “this could be good for this and this could be good for that” then you are reducing the value.  Drew says it best in the show.  When talking to friends and colleagues about the potential uses then its OK.  But when you have to tell the buyers then you’ve already lost.  The best sales are when buyers came to you.  And they already know why they came to you. Here are today’s names   Click for Current Price



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Domain Of The Day: Cute way to spell cute.



Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  I love but the 4s greatly reduce the value Now this one I love. But who doesn’t love 69? A wedding is. At least it was for my wife. My wife’s water broke in the middle of a wedding.   You can store you stuff in this online shed .  23 years old   A term by metalheads to describe “real” heavy metal music. 19 years old  Generic for TED talk    Gets almost 300 visits a month if you believe Godaddy    Tracker business all the way   You need it now.  Also called a prenup    18 years old.   Tech, office space, car testing.  I can think of more. You want me to keep going?  One of the few that I would buy The Y will keep it in the $1800 range IMO    I think it would be a good buy under $100   There are a lot of XL and Plus in the US   Naked furniture is the play here

Domains That I Like With One or No Bids 21 years old with one bid. Easy to spell and remember. A little long but for the price it’s solid IMO The street next to me. But I don’t think that gives it any value Good brand but no bidders. 12 million Google results Long name but not too bad for a dating site name. Get while you’re at it I figured this would get a few bids because its memorable and people like the word go Same thinking here but has 560,000 backlinks   Makes me think of Blue Apron.   Always money in making life easier


Other Godaddy Domains With Bids

Namejet Auction    33 bidders.  Good if the rising is the price of your stock.  Bad if its tension     24 bids. Big Bang Theory comes to mind first.   Could be a hair name too   Positive sounding name.    Reserve is a little high though  A site built on the singular.   Bigger hobby than you think  Not quite the quality of qualitymodelships but you should be able to sell this one if you wait long enough  First names only continue to grow in price each year  Great Western letters and a CHiP but only at $531 and met reserve  Will cross $3K IMO  Met reserve at $500  Met reserve at $500 as well.  One of the few that I like.  180 and 360 seem to move in most tlds


Sedo Great Domains Auction    Met reserve at $265.  Worth a bit more than that IMO

Food.House    Kudus to Sedo for putting the renewal price on the auction.  No reserve



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