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The old too good to be true thing works in almost every situation.  When you find a name that is listed at BIN but missing a zero, especially by a big company, almost everyone would jump on it.   Even when you know its too good to be true. was listed accidentally at for $2600 at BIN and of course it got jumped on and purchased.  A name that is probably a six figure name and anyone in this industry has a bit of knowledge about value could see it.  No doubt the buyer knew it was a mistake and hoped it was one that would work in his favor.  Once figured it out they reversed the purchase and refunded the money. All except the hosting plan that was attached to it.

In no way do I blame the buyer for buying it.  It was there for the taking.  I also think he needs to be compensated in some way. Not a ton, but something.  When you make a mistake there needs to be repercussions. Web needs to be out some money.   I just don’t think the payment needs to be great when the person on the other side knew there was a mistake going into the purchase.   My feeling is that no way a judge turns over the name and the cost of a lawyer may be more than the resulting reward.

I’m not taking sides here.  I know I am going to be criticized for siding with the “little guy” vs the big guy.  But I don’t look at things like that. I try and look at things unbiased with no regards to who is on each side.    I am merely saying that accidents happen.  And the resulting compensation needs to reflect the damage caused to a person. I don’t think the damage was all that much.  His time was wasted and maybe a little emotional damage. He was probably pretty excited to see that name in his account.  But it was too good to be true and again, when this is the case, expecting great things is not wise.   Here are today’s names, Click on them for current price


Quote of the Day: “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price”  -Warren Buffet

Domain of the Day:  Had no idea how big of a market this is

Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  I saw it as a CVCV but when I Google it iTunes comes up so typo as well   Upgrade name for a few entities.   Also a Taiwanese singing competition.  Also knows as A Million Star   I see this more as a marketing name than a site name. And a good marketing name it is   Start your Dollar Store of domains   I like the name but someone likes it more than most.  Moved it all the way to reserve early  Used to be able to get this type for $69.  Not now   No bids.  Nice fashion or design brand IMO   It’s much cheaper to think safety before there’s a problem then being forced to afterwards  Only one way to live baby!!!!! Plant Life   The big boys are coming out to bid on this one  Met reserve so it will sell

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   1998 birthday.  Was also a British parody cooking show.  Upgrade name for a few other places   A city in England and a family name so quite a few things that share the name   Love these types of names. Throw and X on the end and you have a brand.  Unfortunately many others like it  you can buy this and squat.  No other uses but the people that worked hard to build the name   “Bad” letters are Chinese favorite.  The price says its going to China   I’d much rather have this cheaper name  This is OK but same thing as the first. The Chinese are going to like the K more than you  Great fashion name.  I can see this hitting four figures   A bit generic but good keywords  Pretty sure all times are uncertain but we all like to complain ours are more uncertain and   A few crypto names for the crypto people to get giddy over   Sounds so nice.  And that’s why it has value.  A dream vacation for most is to a tropical island   No reason why this wouldn’t work  Builder names always pick up when the US economy picks up.  Building is back and strong  Short for West Magnolia which is the name of several entities   Sounds like a movie with Willem Defoe   Everyone wants to be in the N crowd


Godaddy Names With One or No Bids  If you like Baby Shower Gifts then you have to like this for the same reason.  Keywords outweigh the .net  What parents tell their kids when they restrict them from doing something  It’s a dictionary word.  But nobody knows what it means.  No bidders  Watch a game live online  Hosting and server name with no bids Fitty’s older brother  Name works perfect with the dot org $12  Making good wine certainly is a craft I think I will pass  Doesn’t really mean anything.  Just a nice short brand  Sounds like an up and coming band  Nice little pattern with no bids  because you know that some people are going to believe it works

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  1. The funny thing is that if that guy would not have broken the story it might have gone under the radar and the buyer might have got away with it and transferred the name out when the time came. But with all the publicity surrounding the name obviously somebody from Netsol saw this and fixed it.

  2. If I put the wrong price on a BIN sale at Uniregistry or Afternic for instant transfer, and the sale completes, should Uniregistry or Godaddy reverse the sale for me? Web completed the sale, automated or not, so should honor it. What is to prevent Web or anyone else like them from doing this again if they decide after the fact that the price was $1000 too low, $10,000 too low, $100 too low, etc.? Buyer simply followed Web’s buying process for a listed name, where is the accountability? Selling names then pulling them back out of accounts just because they are a big company who can is pretty dirty. How can anyone trust if they pull stuff like this.

    1. You are both correct. As a person that has made mistakes I’ve never been a person that wants to make money on someone’s mistakes. This was a glaring mistake and the person bought it only because it was a mistake. Not a good deal. A mistake. The big company thing means nothing to me. There are humans behind it. Any size company or person who had to the chance to pull the name back would have done the same thing.

      And yes I know. That’s life, that’s business. Mistakes happen and there are repercussions.

  3. Have to agree with @domains above. Let’s say Google were launching a registrar and they thought they’d go with the generic, I wonder if the sale would have been reversed then. I’d have sympathy with a granny who listed the name and misplaced a decimal point but not with a company operating in the industry.

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