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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday April 16th

Only in domain investing does a sale of an item for $1.75 million only 11 years after purchasing for $60,000 be seen as bad.  Jason Calacanis recently solid for that price and people are telling him he left money on the table because he could have sold it for more earlier.  They didn’t tell him great job for passing on $400,000 offers just a few years ago, only that he should have sold it at the peak.  As if he knew exactly when the peak was and that $400,000 wasn’t it.   Couch coaches will exist forever and not a single one of them will sell a domain for this much money.  But they are more than willing to critique someone that does.  All I say is congrats to Jason for the buy and the sell.  A dream for everyone but a few domain investors. And those few people probably dream of it as well.  Compared to @Jason ‘s  other successes this is just a blip on the radar but its a nice blip.  Here are today’s names.   Click for Current Price


Happy Easter to all those that celebrate

Quote Of The Day:  “Good things come to those who wait   Go out and earn it”

Domain Of The Day:    Make robots cute by adding an LY



Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  20 year old bike store name   a powerful coalition.  Nothing a Mom can’t do.  After raising you, everything else seems easy    Positive name.    Would be great if we could say goodbye to all cancers    Sometimes I feel like I Worka too much    Two bidders at $17.   I would think most lights outdoors will be solar soon with a battery built in   I don’t know what it means but has more bids than any of the names  Yup, just like you thought,  at $5,000   Upgrade name for many companies    Same here.   Long but its still their name and   These deserve more than the $12 bid at press time  the only on the expired list today

Domains With One or No Bids Name sounds like they will protect your assets. 19 years old If you’ve never ridden a blueberry you’re missing out. JK stupid name All about data. Perfect name for fantasy For $12 not too bad of a travel site name Canna name. Have a coffee and a smoke Sounds techy. No bids Marketing name for water feature installers. Easily can see this in ads Most call it satin and lace but there are still a few entities that would benefit from and upgrade Nice 5L with no bidders


Other Godaddy Domains With Bids

Namejet Auction  Valuable art like all things deteriorates with time. Good name for a company that professionally restores. One bidder   Great is we’re talking weight bad if we’re talking currency.  No bidders  A city in Vietnam.   Beautiful mountain region but needs better ecological control.  23 bidders    The capital of Ecuador.  Some amazing mountains to climb near there.  My friends in love with the city    It always comes down to numbers.   No bids at $69  Bitcoin management.  If you believe bitcoin has a future then you have to believe that tools and applications are going to be a big part. No bids  I think the play here is a food or candy bar with truffles in it.  Nobody agree.  No bidders.  No reserve  Most are going to think Air but Bed and Breakfast were here long before any Air was added  If you’re going to borrow money might as well do it from someone that knows what they’re doing.  And nothing says expert like owning a domain with the word expert in it  I know quite a few people that qualify to use this domain  Good Western letters


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