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Apr 22 2018

Yesterday was a tough day.  I joked about the ButterRum Lifesavers and gum and my running.  Some said it was bad for me and I boasted that I was doing just fine.  But ironically I had a little not fine moment.  I was talking to a customer when I started getting lightheaded.   I figured it was just because I was dehydrated or needed some calories.  Something that happens during the spring since I work so much and run a lot.  But this one felt different.  I wasn’t getting sweaty like I normally do when I get lightheaded.  My body tries to offset the problem by sweating and raising my heart rate.  But this time I felt pressure on my heart, like two palms were pushing. I couldn’t stand, my heart raced to 120 from 60 and I was about to go down.  I went up to my manager and told him to call an ambulance.  I was sure I was having problems that were beyond a little calorie or water problem.

Long story short, tons of tests showed my heart was just fine.  Everything beating and flowing great.  Resting heart rate of 50 with a 130/70 blood pressure. Nitro Glycerol didn’t make the pressure go away which a good thing.  They couldn’t explain the tightness but the 21 straight days of work and 50 miles a week of running led them to “it could be anything with your body so tired, but your heart is fine”.   So after 7 hours in the hospital I decided to sleep in.  I felt pretty banged up yesterday and still trying to figure out what’s going on. But at least I know I’m not going to die from a heart attack.  I shouldn’t be one of those guys that dies during the marathon because they had some heart condition they don’t know about.  I have all that checked.  If I die on the course its going to be from something else.

And Mom, yes, I will take it easy (she reads this every day) but its pretty much impossible to take it completely easy this time of year.  And I LOVE running.  It’s my therapy.  But I am going to have to face it that everyone needs rest.  And I will…………………..eventually .   Here are today’s domains.  Click to see the latest price


Quote of the Day:  “At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, or a parent”   -Barbara Bush

Domain of the Day:  Sounds like a cool site.  A bit cultish, but cool.  18 years old.  $9100 GD valuation

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  Sounds like a book or movie. No bids   A job board name or some kind of IT.   Has a chance if the reserve is closer to the left side of the reserve    The Internet was built for cooking advice and recipes………..and cat videos   The more stupid they are the more popular they become    Dump files, dump a load   Much of the educated world has tried to live more organically lately.  Capitalize on it   The German word for beer in the German tld.  Six figure name IMO

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  Top price on the board today.   Top 5Ns seem to be picking up a little   Two bids.  Nice running news site name   Nice    1999 birthday   Hard to believe this high of a price is all because of the kids game  1997 domain.   A country radio station in Canada but my guess is the Chinese are loving it as a CHiP    Too generic as a company name IMO but great for marketing services you specialize in   Short and worth more than the current price of $300 IMO   A Walk to Remba   The side we should all stay in .    $4000 GD valuation  Decent short little brand   Definitely says what the company does   Nice sounding 5L.   Big+Ninja


Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids  You really can’t go wrong with any blockchain name right now  If you do, this is a good email or domain for $12   Not a ton of value but I do like the name for a greeting card company  Family name and a 5L with no bids  Not enough money in Kenya to have big investments but doesn’t mean they can’t have it  A lot of money in credit reports  The double letter does sell on the brand sites


Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. Todd

    I hope you figure out what made you feel like that and I hope you never experience that again. I’m sending well-wishes your way today.

    1. Post author

      Tim and Todd,

      We’ll be good. I was cleared to run as long as I ran with a partner (just in case). Ran a nice easy half marathon and because of the rest yesterday I ran so well with ease and my HR was as good as its been in months. Now we just have to figure out a few things and then I’ll be rolling again. Body is a machine and when pushed a little needs a little mechanical work.

  2. Rob

    Listen to your body … our bodies give us “advance warnings” via slight pressure/discomfort/pain in specific body parts (i.e., bones, muscles, internal organs … ).

    This is the way our bodies “alert us” that a specific body part is experiencing some sort of initial “strain”. The best way to respond is to immediately “rest” the affected body part to avoid potential, temporary or permanent, damage to it. After adequate rest, “gradually” continue to exercise the affected body part to maintain it at a healthy level.

    I learned this from a friend which happens to be a certified fitness trainer and body building/martial arts competitor. Prior to this, I used to think I needed to keep “straining/exercising” that affected body part in order for it to get stronger and recover faster.

  3. steve brady

    It wouldn’t hurt to add some real fat to the diet. Like 4 strips of bacon every day for breakfast. Not the fat that’s in avocados, pecans, and oatmeal, but animal fat. Burning so much from running, the brain may be starving for fat.


    wow .. bizarre timing … I actually have been rather burnt lately but still not sleeping much .. found myself early this morning still not sleeping so I called in sick for the 2nd time this decade! Then I crashed out late in the morning and slept until 9pm! As I get older my body is sending me stronger and stronger messages .. namely “Sleep more you idiot”!

    Anyhow .. glad you seem to be better now. Can’t really lecture you too much as I don’t know too many people who are more in tune with their body than you are .. but just in case .. remember to rest “before” your body tells you to. Yeah ok .. I’m a hypocrite! lol

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