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 Trident White Gum and Butter Rum Lifesavers.   I don’t have many vices left but those two might be it.  I feel like I have one of those two in my mouth all the time.  I haven’t run one mile without gum and I’ve run 10,000 plus miles.  Not sure why, its just something I’ve always done and don’t feel right without it.  And any time I get hungry or need that little something I eat a butter rum lifesaver or throw in a piece of gum. Lifesavers have always been one of my favorite candies. I think it started with those books of lifesavers they had back in the 70s. I used to get my brother and sister them as Christmas gifts because it was a cheap gift and as a kid you don’t have money.   They’re cheap, tons of flavor, and not really anything but a little sugar.  As I’m making the list I’m eating them now.   Pretty much do every night.  I know you’re thinking that I’m going to rot out my teeth but a roll last me 2 or 3 days so I think I’ll be OK.

On a side note, we taped another Sherpa yesterday and the third member is Larry Fischer.  I forgot what a great domain investor Larry is because he doesn’t make most of his sales public. He’s a great person and investor and I love his style.  Just a laid back Brooklyn guy.  He showcases a great sale.   And Drew showcases a fantastic name he purchased as well.  I just hope he can hold it back off Twitter until Monday 🙂   Here are today’s domains.  Click to see the latest price


Quote of the Day:  “Beware the hobby that eats”  -Benjamin Franklin

Domain of the Day:   Mortgage or schools and events for snow.  Top number of bids on the board

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  Closing today.  22 year old domain.   I know a ton of delusional people in the domain industry  If the UK ever wants to start a Crypto coin.   Or an adult coin.  13 bidders   Suits are making a comeback.  Just not ties.    I love this one.  Perfect for my industry and so much more   Another really really nice dot org.   a lot of Islands in this world  Met reserve at $81  I don’t do LLLL with V that isn’t VR very often but Venture Capital (VC) will make me look and    NNNN are still great investments Great name but won’t sell today   My favorite name on the newest Great Domains Auction    I think the .net still has some value

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   Really good marketing name for a service   Huge emotional word.    Even the dot net is at four figures    Over under IMO is $2800   These kinds of names still sell but some are going to go with type names now  $365 fo a CD name?    The Keto diet is hot right now.   The Lifesavers take me out of Keto  Upgrade name for several companies  Has some good bids.  I guess it could be pronounced “joy” .  While I typed this it became the top number of bids on the board


Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids  Almost every radio and TV station has had some Ask the Experts promo at some time  I can’t think of ski school without thinking of some cheesy 80s movie that I watched all the way through just for 4 seconds of flashing breasts.    No bids but could be a legit site. Or the above 43,000 backlinks.  And yes, we are.  No bids

Godaddy Names With Bids

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