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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday April 10th, 2020

What is amazing about this entire COVID thing is how some people are truly upset that its no longer about them. That there’s a bigger picture going on and the focus has moved away and left them pondering if anyone really cared about them. Its not like anyone was really paying attention to their facebook or insta posts. The likes were routine likes and would have never been missed if the post wasn’t there each day. But now some of those people have moved on to other things and the attention is no longer about where they’ve been or what they ate because they ain’t ate shit in weeks. Their vacation photos are now them trying some stupid ass tic toc dance or the spinach salad with some nut nobody has heard of.

When your life becomes exactly the same as everyone else and you blend in to everyone else are you going to still be happy? That’s when you find out what kind of person you are. Scrape off the layers and see what happens when it’s just you and nobody is paying attention. Do you like that person? I hope you do because that’s the person you’re going to be in the last half to third of your life. COVID has turned us in to old people. Lounging around the house, not much to do, worrying too much. Its driving the people that love excitement crazy. And I’m enjoying watching them go crazy. I hope we get a little more of it.

Domain of the Day: I still dream of fine NNNN.coms. Nice to see I can still buy parts of my dream

Quote of the Day:There is no substitution for hustle, and if you don’t hustle there will be substitution. – Tex Winter Names at Auction or Dropping Sounds like a security company Big enough keyword that it gives the .ag extension value But is this keyword big enough? the kind of that are worth owning IMO Gotta get that green

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction No reserve at $1. 40 million Google results Had been registered for 19 years. No reserve at $1 In 2007 the “ist” names were all the rage. This one was registered 5 years before that Find the chlorine and pool supplies you need. No reserve 164 million gamers in America. A lot of potential customers Met reserve at $100 1999 birthday. Great name for someone in our field I think its worth more than the $1200 bid Not sure what its going to do but the name is a great brand Would be a fun build Taken in 79 other extensions

Godaddy Domains With Bids The thing I like most about the younger generation is they take pride in their teeth. A lot of good smiles Some of the most expensive real estate around. Commercial even more Brides will spend any amount of money to make their day perfect. One of the few days they hire a full beauty team Was the name of an actual bank that eventually closed in 2005. Get it going again Going to take a build out. A green book of places you can smoke A las vegas nightlife guidebook Its called a park Good marketing company name Great letters. Taken in every extension Crazy that this is taken in 19 other extensions. Tells you the power of 888 As a horticulturalist I can tell you that most bamboo is wild and invasive Solare installation company name all the way About as high of value as its ever going to have It will be simple again soon

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  1. The big test is silence.
    Lost in your own thoughts.
    Folks can’t take it…they need noise, movement, distraction.

    And I just heard/read tjhis: it should not be called SOCIAL DISTANCING……it should be called PHYSICAL DISTANCING. The “social” part is hurting the mentally ill folks and older folks. Physical Distancing.

    God bless everyone.

  2. I read this article today –

    The guy’s self-awareness makes the whole story sadder. The funniest line is going to a load of parties just to be seen and not enjoying any of them. I am lucky enough to stay in and visit a lot of places that would be deemed instagramable but, apart from the fact I do not use 99% of social media, when I am having a really good time my first inclination isn’t to take a photo. It is probably generational.

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