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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday April 17th, 2020

I bought two names this week. BigPet dot com and It’s the kind of names I like. Short. With BigPet, good adjective in front of a good category. Big is good. Pet market is even better. If I think about ordering online pet supplies I can definitely see a name like this being big online pet supply. It doesn’t limit to any animal and it sounds like there will be a large variety. For BillyGoat, I got it on a drop with no other bidders and I’ll take a memorable name like that for under $100. Worth the risk reward for me.

I’ve noticed a big jump in offers. Not necessarily a big bounce in higher offer but definitely offers. I also seem the emails coming back for my Chinese type names like Even my NNNL all received a $125 offer for each. has received 6 or 7 offers this week but none over $1000. People must be feeling uncomfortable right now. Just not enough to spend $50K. Sorry for the list being short but I worked a long long day at the nursery as our Governor was so nice to single out garden centers and close us down except for pickup and delivery. He thinks central IL is Chicago and that plants aren’t essential. Little did he know that Travis from DSAD is improving our website every day and we’re still crushing it. Exhausting and twice as much work for a sale but still doing OK. Impossible to match what we do when we’re open but pretty damn close.

PS: When I bitched about losing commissions because Godaddy was screwing us we had our biggest day ever on commissions. Coincidence or just your support?

Quote of the Day:It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” —Lou Holtz

Domain of the Day: Pretty sure people rent things in SF. Of course they want to do it on an app. Not go and see Sam to rent a tiller Names at Auction or Dropping Delicious and a good short brand Last call for one of the better dot ly this year I don’t know much about dot AC but I do know about solar. Its a big keyword. And it can power your AC Has a few bids. Everyone likes to cause a little mischief every now and then This one is going to do pretty well

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction CPC $2. Most popular color of drinks Met Reserve 12 years old. $1 reserve. Already a wheat germ snack shaped into a nut. They’re delicious. A wheat version of a corn nut. Told you it would be the first to meet reserves. But I truly think people think they are buying Desserts. Big difference in taste Funny how a billion dollar industry will make a dot net valuable Already met reserve Nothing more German than Bier. It’s going to cross $100K and I think it goes all the way to reserve My favorite name on the list. I will be bidding Not to be confused with the jackets that 70 year old men love that end with the A Pretty big market here. Going to grow after quarantine Long solar

Names For Sale Big keywords. Taken in pretty much every extension Great product for camping or everyday. And of course for countries with water that isn’t clean It is. And a good marketing name for a company trying to promote how quick their service is Every meat deserves it Vegan names are crushing it. Even if they don’t have vegan in the name

Godaddy Domains With Bids Over 65, My Autos, 40-65 My Cars, 25-40 My Rides, 16-25 My Whips Most don’t have it Money gate sounds like a financial problem or a gate to making money Sounds like a crypto for gambling and Nice letters with a reasonable prices at press time The name give to Justin Bieber fans. And there are hundred of millions of them…..still I have to admit I have never used this word in my entire life. Bidders still like it. They obviously don’t care about my vernacular Pronounceable start at $1000 and go from there right now The triple 9s are the draw. Such a great store of value over the last 5 years. And its been rising and now holding Sounds like I’m really really going to get high A nap sounds nice right now. Happy is a great adjective Something most women will pay lots of money to avoid Let us help you pick out a phone Nature’s Neat Investing in the environment a plural would add a zero to the price Just buttering up the high interest rate with the word Fresh Big enough product that it could have a whole site built for it If I was a locksmith I would definitely name my company this 22 years old and taken in 14 other extensions A prince from the 16th century. Upgrade name for a few entities

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. We Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by us, Shane and Josh . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything we say is based on our own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or our opinion is correct. We hand choose the names but we are paid to make this list by both the auction houses, individuals that are auctioning names, and Godaddy affiliate links. Keep that in mind and only buy names that YOU think are good.

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