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I’ve found as I get older most of the raw emotions that I had when I was younger have been sanded away a little. The highs aren’t quite as high and the lows aren’t as low. I remember not being able to sleep the night before I would be going to a video arcade to play Pac-Man, Tempest, and Crazy Climber. I really haven’t been able to replicate that overwhelming excitement of looking forward to something. It’s not that I don’t get excited and super pumped before a big event, it’s merely that I know there will more great things in the days ahead. I finally realized that my results were being more effected by my expectations that what actually happened. With that reduction of expectation I seemed to have lost the feeling of envy as well.

I’m not sure if its because I am content. Or maybe its because I know all the things that someone has that I wish I had also comes with baggage or other problems. Perhaps I realize I don’t need very many things to make me happy. Or finally its because I am so happy that I don’t feel anything can make it better. Whatever the reason is I don’t envy anyone or any thing. For the first time I can be happy for what others have done or accomplished without putting myself in the picture. I’m still self centered but I don’t consider that bad. It’s my body and my mind and that’s what pretty much leads all thoughts and actions. With kids and a spouse I’ve learned that I would give up anything personally to make them happy. That another can be more important than self. Sharing in the success and happiness of others only makes my life better. Everyone could always use another source of happiness and there are millions of people out there that would love to share it with you. Well at least a few thousand

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Quote of the Day: One is never wounded by the love one gives, only by the love one expects.” Marty Rubin

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Coming up in a few weeks. Collectibles or noses 20 year old domain. Catch a big one A big trend right now. Trust me, I know If you can get this at $79 you will make money. Should make money…Ok could make money Sounds good in the winter, tired of it now. Great marketing name for something that exudes summer

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids Healthcare is where you want to be. I also like to trade in my old patients for better ones here and a few girls that will be doing porn eventually You’re buying backlinks and history here Because advice from 100 people that have no idea what they are talking about is better than 1 person who thinks they do Huge category. Green as in the name or green as in environmental Not sure I like the past tense but everyone else seems to like it Brandable sites are going to take this as “Kids” They’re not going to take this one but great letters so I’ll take it In Spanish this means “sharpness” or “fineness” We’ll see if the VR people like this one 1999 birthday. Almost at four figures. Great name in a growing market Looks like a person with cruise names let a few drop And one more. Covers them all I would think geo/fence or fencing name would have some decent value Sounds like an awesome, time wasting website These have been good investments over the last 5 years. Not saying buy them. Just saying they have worked out for most buyers over the years. The prices are getting back close to China peak Earth names have been doing pretty well. Maybe its time to add some Earth to the portfolio Get this and add DAMNMarijuana and you have it covered A good use of a dot info maybe a doctor would use this. Maybe I know a lot of people from around the world covet a degree from the US Not worth a ton but easy to remember and spell Sounds like an asphalt or road paving company Exudes structure and design IMO

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  1. Yes I think we lose a bit of a sense of wonder as our priorities change and we become ‘comfortably overwhelmed’ with the daily grind. It’s not all bad because emotions, which are more of a basic unconcious instinct, are dulled/suppressed ready to be supplanted with feelings which are deeper and enduring, requiring concious effort to develop/unfold. It’s like love and infatuation — infatuation being an unstable and short lived ’emotional’ euphoria, and love as the enduring reward of councious development. Infatuation-emotions want to be transformed into love if they’re to endure and not self-destruct and they thereby become resilient and stable structures. We can replicate this in other situations like a framework. It sounds corny because the word love is misunderstood. I equate it to a deeper sense of understanding/knowing and therewith the connection to the thing (love has many forms e.g. love of family, partner, animals, world, friends, neighbours, etc).

    The sense of wonder we had around e.g. Christmas or other special time as a kid is dulled, but we need to grow-up — most of us are overgrown children and not in the good lighthearted ‘youthful-spirit’ sense, but of immaturity e.g. whining, tantrums, innatentive, uncareful, hasty. We can learn to really appreciate things for their true values which are contained in love as a spectrum of wonder, amazement, contentment, growth, freedom, peace, harmony, etc. The natural wonder-like inspiration we’re programmed with as children needs to be (re?)established conciously as an evolutionary goal of human-life so we can master our own lives (i.e. ‘grow up’) as creative self-responsible individuals. Critical/logical thinking is key to discerning between right/wrong, good/bad. Feelings are a guide only especially if they’re underdeveloped. Belief, idealogy, philosophies, self-appointed guru’s or masters — these are hurdles on the road to self-discovery, self-realisation, and real truth discovery. We find our own power and we can never be weak.

    That’s my bit of autistic spiel, it just helps to work through my thoughts and clarify my own understanding at least.

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