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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday August 7th, 2020

As domain investors we are risky by nature. We also tend to invest in things that others may not see as “wise” investments. Others seem to have joined in on the fun. The prices of high graded baseball cards are skyrocketing. Its essentially trading virtual assets considering they are just sheets of paper that are graded. You get nothing from them and their value is determined by how much demand there is for it. It represents a player but that’s about it. Its a value of want.

The same is starting in the graded video game market. Old video games are skyrocketing and the are starting to be auctioned on Those in the know, (Aron Meystedt) have been collecting for a while now waiting for the market to heat up. Well it has and high WATA rated games are doubling in price every week. Its fantastic to watch and people like us LOVE to see markets develop.

Anyone else seeing a market develop that still has time to get in and make some money?

Domain of the Day: Better name than AirBnB

Quote of the Day: “Worrying is like paying debt you don’t owe.” —Mark Twain Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Don’t know the value but sure would like to be vacationing at a place that is Love the keyword Assets and venture capital go together pretty well One of my favorite .gg names so far another one that probably won’t get caught but a person can dream

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Has a great opening bid. Was surprised how many companies would benefit from an upgrade here Closes early this morning What the US needs right now IMO City and geo and several companies share as well Sounds like one of those copper braces they hawk on TV all the time The deodorant of Harry Anything consumer related and that’s a big piece of pie Youtube your way to good health

Godaddy Domains With Bids I think Pooh and The Wonder Years Yes it has bee in it but I’ll let you have this one. Or maybe this is Top number of bids on the Godaddy list today. Upgrade name for a lot of companies It tells you exactly what the site is going to do. Not a ton of personality to the name Another boring one. My opinion only I can see this on the Taxis in Vegas And this is their Rewards program name One of my favorite Heuchera is named this 8 and gambling go together very well Takin care of the noggin Great letters although ending the LLL in or for organization can be redundant The only potential five figure finish Very nice Sounds like an Olivia Newton John name And S would go a long way here Taken in 21 other extensions “Winners that make Dinners”? Yeah, I wouldn’t use that slogan Godaddy values this one high and its taken in 19 extensions

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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  1. I am a card collector, but a lot of bored people are sitting at home with nothing better to do than drive asset bubbles. We will see if these have staying power when people have less free time, and are back to spending money on other things like travel and entertainment.


  2. It’s fascinating to watch the sports card market heat up – and I wonder how much Gary V has to do with it as he’s been talking it up for a while (he has definitely been an influence to some degree).

    The difference with domains is obviously the pure business value they offer (though there are certainly some sub markets that are not about the business value).

    Would love to hear about other markets that are still under the radar.

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