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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday January 3rd, 2020

Cannabis became legal here in Illinois and as expected, the lines were down the block. Since it hasn’t been legal for most people’s lives the demand is much greater than the supply. The real positive were the 11,000 people exonerated for crimes that involved small amounts of marijuana. Eleven THOUSAND people in prison for cannabis is ridiculous. The fact that it has even been illegal is crazy. I don’t smoke or take edibles (at least not on purpose). I have no need to. I like the way I feel and my mind exactly the way it is. A little caffeine for stimulation and I’m good. There are points in the day where I feel I can conquer the world and others where I feel like doing nothing. Neither one too extreme.

I did start using CBD with THC on my shoulder. I have a torn rotator and there are times it aches and it wakes me up. None of that with CBD. I don’t have to call on friends to get it now and can buy it around the corner. Of course I am in on the new sales by offering all the soils, lights and containers people need to grow plants. We already sold quite a few bags of solid going into the new year as people got ready. Growing plants is growing plants. One of the few drawbacks of the whole system is all the taxes that are imposed which is the real reason it became legal. 30% to the state and then all the fees they get as well. Add in local taxes and a rerolled joint is $18. Something that is $5 normally. It will come down just like the other states that made it legal but right now its another sin tax. And while I’m not saying marijuana smokers are all poor the lines of 1000 people leaned towards the lower incomes. The also added a big casino locally and made sports gambling legal. All sin taxes that take money out of the pockets of people that need it most. Again, I compare cannabis more towards alcohol although I think alcohol is probably the most harmful of all the things I listed. I don’t want it illegal but undoubtedly it hurts more people than anything you can buy legally. But that’s for another time.

As for domains, I got quite a few offers yesterday and I responded at levels much lower than last year. I can guarantee that I am going to have a better year than last year. I am going to force the issue. I have some steals and I’m ready to deal. Kind of

PS: While I’m hopeful, I think will sell but these are interesting threads to read

Quote of the Day: “The measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most helpless citizens” – Jimmy Carter

Domain of the Day: What a great name for an apartment or commercial space. Will pay for itself with a few extra rentals

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction This one isn’t going to slip by. Already has 67 bidders. Hop on in Short and memorable. 1999 birthday Tech for the farm Great letters. Under $1K is a good buy IMO. Of course I don’t think I sold more than one retail this year so what do I know Upgrade name for quite a few companies You can call your Gym G. Nothing else, just G It’s terrible but this is going to be lesbian porn Drops in a few weeks but never to early to get a bid in on a CVCV

Godaddy Domains With Bids Is this still a thing? If so then you’ve got your name right here Fintech baby fintech Don’t F with Cats This one would be a steal under $100 in my opinion. Huge industry and one of the most needed jobs in the world right now. Elderly care You get more help when you ask. Price is less than I thought it would be Can we still use “lady”? I feel like we can only use the term Woman. But a lady’s food taste much better than just a plain old womans Doing as well as you thought it would In my wheelhouse. And if you want the answer let me know. I got hazed but never was much of a hazer at $30K but see opening tweet a 5L so worth a watch “I want to lik lik lik you from your head to your toes” -Ludacris who went to my daughters High School Sounds like a blog from 2008 1995 birthday. What would you pay for Now 5X that As they would do un to you…. Amen “Slide right in to Lubea” That pretty much covers it. Another 5L that isn’t too bad I had no idea what this was until I googled it. I was thinking of press as in publication not a cooking utensil Cannabis all the way. Maybe not all the way. Maybe a whole food They have some pretty good Native American casino poker places save money on food Upgrade name for dozens of companies

Godaddy Names With One of No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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Domain Spotlight:

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