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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday May 15th, 2020

I’m sure its not just me but I’m noticing how beautiful some people’s eyes are now that everyone is wearing masks. I will also add that a lot of women are upping their eye game by spending a little more time on their makeup or accenting their eyes. I have always been a smile person. I love a great set of teeth. I’ve always felt that your teeth told everything about you and a great smile will take you much further than a good handshake. But now that’s taken away all we have left is the eyes.

We had a young man come in and apply for a job and I thought. Damn, those are some of the nicest eyes I’ve ever seen. I’m not gay but even I got a little flustered looking in his eyes. I sent him in to fill out an application and went in a few minutes after he left. All the girls at the front counter, young and old, were talking when I came in. I said “you see the kid with the eyes?” One of the ladies said “See him, I hired him and I’m willing to pay him out of my own pocket just to have him around” . I would be lying if I didn’t think about hiring him just to greet the customers.

The funny thing about the mask is you really don’t know what people look like. A few employees I hired recently came around the corner with no mask and I honestly didn’t recognize them at all. People can look 15 years younger and older with their masks. We have so many new customers at the nursery and I constantly wonder what a lot of them look like under the masks. We joke that they look beautiful with it but then take it off and they’d be missing teeth or have deep smoke induced wrinkles or something. I have a big plexiglass shield at my outdoor checkout so sometimes I take my mask off just so they can see me smile or enjoy personal conversation. Or really just so they can hear me clearly. I find that some of the ladies take their mask off in a flirty way. Like a peacock shows their feathers, the ladies show their face. If I had the eyes of that kid who knows what they’d do.

Domain of the Day: and Which one of the two do you think is going to do better? is 365 better than 247?

Quote of the Day: Names at Auction or Dropping The top dot io name at auction over the next few days Curios to see if this good CVCV gets any bids. I like it because it rhymes Definitely a gaming name The keyword is overcoming the extension This is one of my favorite VC names at auction. It’s a man’s world but women can still hold their own

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Pretty timely name Meet them Great name for today’s indoor gardening boom Spelling is odd but its taken in 30 other extensions DMOZ listed and some history. And vinyl sure has made a comeback

Godaddy Domains With Bids Plenty of content here The top number of bids on the Godaddy board today. Probably for the history. Although diet is a pretty big category Another one where the history is worth more than the domain Great 5L brandable. Beer all the way A lot of profits or profits in Canna Show them you can pivot I’m going to make this a bee name Get better at it or master as in experienced Taken in 18 other extensions. 1996 birthday. We hear about alpha males, why can’t there be Alpha Women. Taken in 39 other extensions Ends in I for International 21 years old and taken in 8 other extensions Ocean Front Property Northwest Something Makes it sound like you’re going to get a great deal. Of course 200 people are going to bid up the used screwdrivers

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6 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday May 15th, 2020”

  1. You’re right about the teeth. English people have been praying for this pandemic for years.

    365 is better than 247 IMO simply because 365 is always written as 365 whereas 247 is more commonly 24/7

    Looking forward to seeing if I’m right.

  2. IMO… 365 is much better than 247

    This would be an interesting debate but it is like comparing gold to silver IMO


  3. The best number between 247, 360 and 365 really depends on the name it is with and the purpose it is going to be used for.

    On average 365 is definitely the best of the three based on previous sales.

    IMO is a monster if it can be bought for anywhere close to the price of one bitcoin. Just my opinion.


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