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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday October 25th, 2019

I don’t read Namepros as much as I used to but I feel people like Bob Hawkes put in a lot of time to write a good article and I appreciate what he does over at Namepros. It’s great that Namepros gives people like Bob a voice. It exactly what it was meant for.

While reading the article on hyphens I see that the ad running in the top right is for dot bond. Yes, dot f’n bond. Every single person is going to think and that is it. And to make it worse they spent marketing money to get in front of domain investors. There are a ton of bad domain investors but I don’t think any are that bad. This has a less than zero chance of being successful. How can it be less than zero, that’s impossible.” Usually yes but with dot bond it is possible to have less than zero chance. I haven’t figured out how many they would need to break even but whatever that is and subtract all of them but 17 and that’s how many registrations it will have. Over under 17.


Change that. Its going to have 2. Two registrations. Let me get out my calculator for a second and……..nope. That’s not enough to break even. And no amount of advertising in front of Namepros members is going to change it. As a matter of fact, now they’ve blown their registration money and are really in the hole. We’re going to need a sale with payments over 30 years to hype this bitch back up to pay for the advertising revenue spent. Add in a little NamesCon keynote money and dot bond is in real trouble. But they’ll be fine. Pretty sure .xyz will pick them up

Quote of the Day: It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” — Truman

Domain of the Day: Best dot net in a while ends today

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Click the links to fund the site and our work Second day in a row that a keyword X domain has done well Upgrade name for quite a few people. V is for valley or virtual. Never thought of valley as being an option I’m long state bet names now that most states are making sports betting legal Are you Keto bro? Backlinks has this old site up to $6K. That’s a lot of cheese I can easily see this on the side of a car or truck for a Mary Kay or CBD oil pyramid, I mean company Already at four figures. The SW for southwest is the driver Think Panama Jack’s baby I see this is an app directory to make a quick blog This price is not because of the city of 7K in New Jersey A cheap name to get to publish comparables for any industry Could probably flip a lot of LLConsulting names 5L and has a lot of uses in Google Don’t like this one quite as much but its short sooo Guitar tabs all the way All vowels, all the time Sounds like a new boutique hotel A merchant services company aka credit card processor that markets itself as easier to use. Like Square

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