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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday September 4th, 2020

It was a beatdown yesterday in the stock market and in cryptos. I had played it perfect. I sold all my crypto on Tuesday. I made 100% on my Paypal options, sold them and bought puts on Zoom. All was well. I was killing it. I had taken $4K and make it to $20K in my options and my crypto was in all cash.

But then I got greedy. I sold the Zoom options and bought Paypal options. Paypal had dropped like a rock and figured it HAD to come back before the end of the day. I bought some that expired that day and some that expired in a month. And then it tanked even worse. To the point that my calls were now out of the money and my $20K was worth about $5K. I am very risk averse. Being down that much didn’t bother me, it was going to come back and if it didn’t it didn’t. But then it came back a little and I could get out for 7-8K. It was still a great return for the week and live by the sword, die by the sword. If I got it wrong then my current day options were worth zero and the others had a long way to go to come back.

So I sold. And of course what happened? It came back at the end of the day and my account would have been at $32K. Even if I would have left it in ZM puts it would have been $25K or so. Basically if I would have just stuck with ANY of my trades I would have crushed it. That being said, I almost doubled my money in a week so its not terrible but I’m a better trader than that. I have great reasons for my trades but I don’t trust myself to stick it out. They say you win with singles but its just not true. You let the winners run and cut short the losers. I just don’t know which is which some times.

Quote of the Day: “If you can’t add something to someone’s life, at the very least don’t take anything away from it” 

Domain of the Day: Super solid name to sell CBD product. Although there is a reason people use RX. Much easier to spell Names at Auction or Available for Pickup So many uses. I like the sexy time approach 9 years old which is ancient for a dot ly. Keyword is good enough to give value to almost any extension Two nice LL expiring but I imagine there will be a bunch of people on these two The other here Gamers love stupid names like this one

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action “Xpose yourself” Have to be a little careful with my tagline Best Christian musical group ever. Probably going to be a Viagra site now May actually get to the reserve . Already on the range

Want to put your in the Sedo auction? Submit them HERE

Godaddy Domains With Bids Good letters with N for Network. Taken in 22 extensions and 22 years old. Score A- No personality IMO. But there are bidders who disagree. You can take it and I won’t cry too much 19 years old and taken in a giant 85 extensions. Starting to get quite a few bids Libraries use EZProxy but obviously can be any use Proxy Server Most bids on the board today. Doesn’t seem to have a great backlinks history so I’m gonna let you have it Education or better deodorant BuzzFeed is the driver here. And bees, everyone loves bees Another dot me making the list No money, easy content Upgrade name for a few companies Passes the IPA test so worth buying at the right price Has VR in it so that should be enough to get some out of bed IOT name which is possibly the most boring segment in Tech. Who cares if my refrigerator talks to my dishwasher Focus for really really cool people Taken in 22 extensions which is way higher than I would have thought. Which reminds me. Never say “If I can do anything to help”. People that need help don’t ask. If you think of something that person would enjoy then just do it. Horse, car, running Vegan and Me go together perfectly. Buy the juice


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  1. It is very very interesting, I can see our domain expired and auctioning by NameJet. And 88 bidders there. Lol 🙂
    Stupid NetworkSolutions, we transferred our domain 2 years ago to GoDaddy. And our domain Expiration Date: 2021-08-06
    So I am wondering now, if any one win Namejet auction, what will happen 🙂 lol

    NameJet and Networks Solutions so SO stupid platform buying or selling domains.

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