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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday December 14th, 2020

My newest fascination is the sale of digital art on places like Nifty. There artist that have become so popular that their pieces sell for $100K plus. Putting it into RARE and then trying to sell it. I can’t draw for shit but I am creative. I also realize that people still love to hold and see things so I can see why some artist are more popular than others. It comes down to much more than just how “cool” their art is.

To many its ridiculous. To many its cool. But the reality its a real market with buying and selling so theirs opportunity to make money. As long as there is that the market will continue to grow. I’ve been watching it for 6 months and I would have bought a few pieces but the pieces I liked were going for $3K and I thought, like many, that’s crazy pricing for digital art. Now that its $10K I don’t know what I think.

I am stopped saying “that’s a crazy price for that” after I passed on a Banksy original for $10K back in 2008. I thought the price was too much for a piece that someone spray painted with a stencil. That piece is hundreds of thousands now. It’s made me look at things a little differently ever since. I’m definitely looking at this. But not as a buyer but as a creator.

Domain of the Day: Taken in 25 extensions which is on the med to high side of LLLLs. Has the pronounceable things going for it to drive it over four figures

Quote of the Day:If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.” —Regina Brett

Remember to click the links to see the current prices and if you are going to pay for a name do it while visiting It pays for the gas to run the ship. Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Bel Biv Devoe That alone makes this very valuable You don’t think its valuable until you’ve been a sea for weeks Going to be a 4 figure plus name at auction IMO As in Valley not car parts Closes early today. Of course the singular is worth 10 times this but that’s not up for auction is it?

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Pretty sure Ecuador has blockchain in its future as well Under $50 at press time so worth a look At $300 but going to be 10 to 30 times more than that when its over and AI loves naming their production with People’s names Everyone sees dictionary here A perfect product to build a product website around. There are so many different types of cages As we talked about on Domain Sherpa, you have to be careful buying state+homes names because its such a big area it doesn’t build out well but New York is such a lucrative real estate state Ends in C and good letters. Might be pushed as a pronounceable Lovely little Not just creative but elite AND creative Good for so many things. We have them in gardening to give people ideas but could be any kind of creative spark Top number of bids on the Sedo board today This is the time

Godaddy Domains With Bids Perfect name to sell gaming computers If you offer this serve I would want to add this as a marketing name 17 years old. First time for a dot info on the list in a long time IST names still sell. I sold gardenist and a few others. I would buy my beats here. Yeah, I like to lay down some tracks These have really dropped in value. this one has 88 which was easily a few grand. I guess its not over yet Trying to think of a more boring name but so far I can’t think of any This could go a lot of ways. Not expensive so could be a good bi Hard to not make this a tax site Sounds better than BuzzFeed Product all the way Means “The Wiz” in Spanish. You can tell I speak fluently Pretty name I’ve always said that two first names make great brands At $25 at press time. Can comfortably say its worth more than that I think it will exude money to most people that see it Pronounceable. Not great but still worth $700 plus IMO. But make the buy your own

SEO NAMES (Bids for the Backlinks) Top number of bids on the board today. Not a ton of backlinks but enough that people really want it Top Price on the board. 219 links on Wikipedia alone 64,000 backlinks . 25 years old Looking for some design based backlinks for your site? It’s how you handle yourself when you face it. The old site may have been able to help

Godaddy Domains with One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Domains with Bids

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