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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday July 22nd, 2019

I’ve written several times about my bad flight with American Airlines. Every time I step on an American Airlines flight (that isn’t run by British Airline) something goes wrong. I literally am at 100% of all flights being a problem. But I always come back because I get upgrades and free flights and they have a good mileage program. Their website is also very easy to use. I fly Southwest and AA more often just because of the user friendly websites. But then I actually have to get on their flights.

Yesterday the first leg of my flight to Hawaii was canceled. I have no reason why but it didn’t matter. It blew up my whole flight there because there were zero other flights that could get me to catch the main leg. I take that back. There was one first class ticket for my family for a total of $12,000. I asked if they could give that to me. They said they could use a few of my miles and supplement the ticket so it would only cost me $8,000. A big nope. So they rebooked my flight for Monday and had to take away my first class tickets and put us in economy. My birthday present and my daughter’s first first class flight gone. So my wife then goes on the AA website to see what he got for us. No seats, 30 min between flights, and another disaster waiting to happen. But he said that’s all he could get. When she goes on she sees that the SAME flight but the next day is available and the first class upgrades are free and available. Click and done. Seats aren’t together but they are up front. That was until this morning when it looks like they moved our seats for us and put us together. A nice gesture but I don’t like the airlines changing my seats for me unless they are improved. I won’t believe it until I’m on the plane but it might actually turn out OK minus a day. Hoping my next post isn’t me typing from home or stuck in Dallas waiting for a plane. I seem to always end up in Dallas regardless of where I am coming from in the world. Next time I just stay with Travis when I’m there


Domain of the Day: Sounds tough and an easy logo

Quote of the Day: “I don’t count my sit-ups, I only start counting when it starts hurting because those are the only ones that count.” – Muhammed Ali

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction If I’m a tow truck company I would want this for marketing or my name Not sure what zone I’m good at but evidently I’ll be a pro 14 year old Forex name. Met reserve at $200 Between Snapchat, this new aging app, and the AI face creator, the world loves to mess with their face I like “the’ names but we don’t get to hear about their sales since Michael Berkens sold his portfolio of them to GD 20 years old. Great name for replacement insurance. No reserve I for International. All the bidders are probably for Functional magnetic resonance imaging. Or not Kansas now has homes Canna all the way. Big blunt Can’t wait to read this Maybe because I sell seeds and saw MJ seed stores in Amsterdam but I pay more attention to them than most 5L with no bids at $69 I would absolutely have a drink here Decent education name for $79 Closes today and met reserve. At $25

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids Top # of bids on the Godaddy board today. Save by dropping the E You better have a shitton of money if you’re going to finance yachts. They are crazy expensive and generally just a show of wealth. I know a guy that bought one for 50 million and as soon as he got it a Russian offered $30 million above the price because the wait is so long to get one made that they were willing to almost double it to get a brand new one now. And the company that makes the tech to keep them balanced is in my town as well. Gay name. And that’s ok The generic of Mechanical Turk Means “Sphere” in Portuguese but this price says it means more Bitcoin distribution I feel like more domain investors were in Ripple than Bitcoin in the beginning. Not as much I have to go hunt to see if I have any sequential 4Cs Crazy crazy prices lately Daycare or canna I would name my bidet this The Harvard of the Clouds Just put vegan in any form of a word and it will sell Digital marketing or graphics Would make a nice garden center or cut flower shop Sounds like a two ladies I would hire to redo my living room Millions have already tried it. When you can take pills to keep you in ketosis I think more people will stay on it not going to make a lot of money on this one but nice blog name Marketing name all the way I can see a line of beauty products named Elemental. and then they can upgrade Ed

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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