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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday June 11th , 2018

 One of the biggest mistakes people do is register “in the news” names.  For every headline story of someone selling a name for a lot of money,  are tens of thousands of names that go worthless.   This is PERFECT example of this bad strategy from a recent post at Namepros

With Justify winning the Triple Crown at Belmont Park, i justified taking a leap of faith, and bought a half dozen two word .coms like, (not mine). I also bought a few strategic one word Justify.ntld’s that compliment the .com’s.

This may be stink’n think’n, but professional gamblers may want to own domains with “Justify” as part of the name. Maybe I need to sell them in Vegas or at the track

Anyone ever justified a strategy like this? Ideas or suggestions? Thanks,

New domain investors seem to feel that since they can’t afford the “good” names so they hand reg names to get ahead of a trend or buy a name in response to a major event.  It just doesn’t work that way.  And it’s not just newbies.  I’ve seen a lot of people that claim they are great domain investors waste their money on political or timely news domains.  As fun as it was to watch Justify win the Triple Crown, it would have been more profitable to put all that money spent on his domain and put it on him to win, place, and show.  Both are gambling.

The response of many alluded to the fact it was a bad move.  But it got worse

“i’ve registered 1,750 names in the last 12 months of which you may have seen less than 10%. And you do know what happens to you when you assume anything:xf.wink: Case in point, you’re so hung up on the .com’s vs. the nTLD’s you didn’t even notice my first post that started this thread where i CLEARLY stated i’d bought a half dozen .com’s using the word justify compared to a few one word nTLD’s using the word justify. So not knowing any of the .com’s i own, according to you,there’s a chance they might have some “real value”. Brad…before you criticize,you really should do your homework. If I were you i’d be embarrassed. Hint…I’m sure I could learn from you, but I know you’re way to close minded to learn anything from me. Sad….very sad”

He has 1750 names.  He has to sell $16,000 in names just to break even.  I sure hope he has better names to “justify” the stupid registering habits he has formed.   Here are today’s domains.  Hope you find a good one. Click to see the latest price

Quote of the Day:  It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace”  -Chuck Palahniuk

Domain of the Day:      My favorite name on the board.  The price says its everyone’s favorites

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction  It’s a pretty easy hunt   Wish it and it may come     Great name for a horror movie fan site .  No bids   In use by several people.  Upgrade  I think its going to fly by the reserve  Not worth a lot but there are a lot of them out there    This is the kind of name I would use for Bitcoin lending.  Not  Nice brand for under $100

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  My favorite name on the board.  The price says its everyone’s favorites  Best priced airport parking  Great sounding   Sound “Spanish Techy”  Of course its almost $5K so a little more than Spanish techy  1995     I for International  Upgrade name for dozens of companies   Good marketing name for someone that is going to work on your looks     Upgrade name.   Many companies called X Idea    as good of a coffee company name as any  Bitcoin mining name.  A pool of people that join together to mine crypto  Old humor site with a good amount of history.  Four figures   Moving closer to 5 figures  Several companies already think this makes a good brand

Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids   Nice sounding brand for under $25 (at press time)  1998 birthday  Let me invest in you  no bids.  Sounds like an established brand  Online currency.  No bids 5L with no bids Was a crowdfunded wholesale and retail stoyeyard that went under  5L with no bids at $12 Not as good as tasty coffee but its only $12 (at press time)  The kind of experience many want to have.  Not enough to bid though  Liquor store all the way



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  1. .
    I think this case was more to do with a bad choice of domain as opposed to anything else.
    I think about 2% of my portfolio are hand reg .. or even specifically “news” domains .. but you need to make very smart choices in these regards. The news you need to focus on is news about breakthroughs or trends / futuretech. Doesn’t even need to be tech. Last year I saw a report on oil safety that talked about “Bitumen pellets” where Bitumen transport could be made infinitely safer by forming them into safe ball shapes. I jumped to the PC to do a bit of research and then see what was available .. “Bitumen Balls” was already taken (which I thought would make for a more brandably friendly name,) but the actual term used “Bitumen Pellets”, as well as another I saw online “Bitumen Bricks” were both available. So I grabbed them hand reg (in com).
    I realise it’s a future tech gamble. But given the information at hand .. *IF* the technology works out it will be a game changer in the energy transportation sector .. a multi tens of billions dollar a year industry. It’s still a lotto ticket .. but the risk to reward on that lotto ticket was just way too big to ignore.
    I will agree on news of events that happened would not make good buys. A winning horse’s name is going to be hot for what? A week or two? Even then it’s not even necessarily a name that could ever be commercially viable. The only time I would buy a horse’s name is if I thought it could be a cool brand name (unrelated to the actual horse). Thankfully in this case “Justify” isn’t a horrible domain to get in better non-com’s .. but even then only in some TLDs .. many still wouldn’t be worth it.
    On the same front I grabbed “America Votes 2020” (in com) off the drop .. because while it is a short window “news” domain .. “America Votes YYYY” is the exact match for what a large number of news organisations use for reporting on elections. So I’m very happy with that exact domain (although admit “America Votes” would be the monster domain for the category .. but I got mine for a fraction of a fraction of what that would cost .. so again the risk/reward was just too huge to ignore.
    So at the end of the day I’d be prudent to blanket dismiss an entire type/category of potential domains .. but people need to be really smart about it .. because it certainly is very easy to throw your money away if you’re just grabbing something simply for the sake if it being a currently hot topic.

    1. ooops .. with “America Votes 2020” I meant to say expired at GD Auctions .. it didn’t get all the way to the drop.

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