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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday June 1st, 2020

Our town is a college town with pretty much all the college students gone so there’s not much activity this time of year. But yet all hell broke loose yesterday. They had to shut down our entire commercial shopping area because of all the looting. Every police person called to duty to protect stores. It didn’t even start as a protest. Just a gathering in attempts to loot. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen. And it wasn’t any race or class. Just a bunch of kids trying to take advantage of a situation to try and get free stuff

I thought the killing was awful, I think people should protest, I think people need to give voice. People should be upset. But looting and damage to buildings shouldn’t be tolerated and every person caught on tape should be prosecuted. They are fighting against the cause with their actions and taking away the voices of those that matter, by stealing airtime for being assholes.

The past few days I tried to remind people there is a lot of good things happening out there in an attempt to focus away from the bad. But damn the bad is really getting thick. Kind of hard to be positive when all the stores THAT JUST OPENED have to shut down because of all the looters. Our shops are suffering and then they do this to them. I won’t even try to understand and pretty sure nobody can explain.

Quote of the Day: “I am a warrior, so that my son can be a merchant, and his son can be a poet. – John Quincy Adams

Domain of the Day: People LOVE their electric vehicles and sold for $180,000. This is at $65 at press time Names at Auction or Dropping One persons junk is another persons eventual junk I think all the bidders are seeing Text to. Maybe they just like the the LL Speaking of LL. Here’s one in the dot VC Huge category in security. Fingerprints and facial recognition The dot com is mid five figure name or more IMO

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action No reserve on this one. Kind of a negative verb in the UK but memorable 1997 domain. Fabrication Means “dick” in Spanish. Great name Not sure if you could build a whole site on this product Under $500 reserve and in these times this might be a good buy Based on past sales of LNN the reserve isn’t too far off Means “suitable” in Finnish and actually has some companies named this There’s a company operating on the AI. No bids

Godaddy Domains With Bids Top number of bids on the Godaddy bids. Nice little Taken in 56 other extensions. Upgrade name for quite a few apps, programs, and companies Now known as eWeek but PCWeek was one of the original computer and tech magazines. Lots of history here Another doing very well Red is always a good branding term Big price but all based on history and backlinks. Orgasm names always do well Two first names make good brands Don’t get the price. But that’s been pretty much the case on a lot of names lately. Checkpoint is a good security name considering it represent the security points at borders and They’re not dot com but they’re not bad One of my favorite names. Such a great name for a company that fixes tires and responds to roadside emergencies Moutaineering equipment that you’ll use to go to Costco Yep, at $2500. Just like you thought it would be Only thing better than sex is discounted sex Kona Brewing company seems to have done well Probably registered to have Doc for documents but I see this for doctor now This one is getting looked over. Under $50 at press time. But that doesn’t mean much. Could still end at $4K the way these auctions have been going 1998 Birthday. Taken in 15 other extensions The world Level is registered in more extensions than any name expiring today Have to be professional if its in your name right?

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids Good name for news and information. The Time of Israel is already a leading publication so may get some type in

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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  1. I have never purchased/rented/watched a “snuff” film.

    But we all saw a “snuff” video with Floyd’s murder.

    My God help us all.

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