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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday December 30th, 2018

I can’t win a names to save my life.   Unless I REALLY want a name and willing to pay more than I think I should I simply don’t win auctions.  The last 20 auctions that I have bid in that were of any quality I have been out bid early or at the very last bid.  With half of them being second to highest bid.  And it doesn’t really matter what I bid, there is always someone willing to pay just a little more.  It’s become very expensive to play in the auction game in 2018 and I think it only gets worse in 2019.

Take a look at the results of a few days ago.  I wasn’t bidding on these but look at the final prices.  These are not the best names in the world yet they are going for a car payment. Some are Ford Fiesta payments but some are BMW 7 series payments  $351 $360 $892 $3350  ( I was in on this one towards the end)  $337

Slim5 $205 $515

The names aren’t terrible but all are at a price that makes it expensive to build a portfolio of 500 if you are a new investor.  They are also names that will require some time to sell.  That fit the put on Afternic and wait type of name.   I can see why Josh bypasses these types of names and concentrates on finding jewels at closing or drops for $12.  He can sell one for $2000 and pay for 150 names.  Can only buy 6 or so from this list and as good as Josh is at picking names he is just as likely to sell one from his 150 as he is that 6.  You can do the math from there.

The difference is the confidence in bidding Godaddy auctions.   There are others that think the name is good as well.  So it has to be decent right?  When you pick up closeouts that means that every domain investor that went through the list thought it wasn’t good enough to spend $12 on.  How in the world could you possibly know better than them?  You probably don’t.  That’s why I would never tell you to do what Josh does unless you have proven your selection method.   Otherwise you are going to build a giant shit list of renewals like most new domain investors do.  Spending hours explaining why the domain is good to people that know its not.  So what do I do?

I’m actually not sure.  These recent price surges in the auctions makes things difficult and even myself, I am trying to pick my strategy.   I’ve recently just been selective and put extra money into names I really really like.  Paying more than I like and getting the name.  I’ve passed on most of the names I kind of like and goes beyond what I want to pay.  It’s left me only adding a few domains a month.  I hand registered one name in the last 3 months and it was just the other day.  I registered PolarBuffs in the dot com.  I bought a few the other day and there were quite a few Google results so thought the $12 was worth the price.  I figure I could put it up for auction and make $20 or more right now.  But $20 profit doesn’t really pay the bills does it?  Good thing I have no bills.  Enjoy your Sunday.  Here are today’s names.  Click through to see the current price and to fund this daily list

Quote of the Day:   I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” —Friedrich Nietzsche

Domain of the Day:   In my list of top 80 favorite cheeses

Namejet, Sedo, and other Names Up for Auction   I think it goes as a pronounceable “Zisp”   I make everything seem like a running name   Most states are requiring you go to this and get a license.  No bids   No bids.  Don’t really know if have any value   International something something Network  A last name so eventually a brand.   5 bidders  Used to be a Moroccan news site so it has some history   Surprised how many brands use this .  No bids  No bids.  My opinion only but this is a big enough keyword to give the net good value with no reserve  Definitely deserves its own organization

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids and   The total of these are $14,000   And they all dropped   Top value according to GD and according to bidders who don’t like numbers   You just assume that they are good based on the title   All good letters.  M for management,  FM radio  Sounds like a video game   Not a real world in my dictionary but exudes colorful and that’s all that matters  A little cheesy but Brand stuff seems to sell.   Buying history rather than just the domain at this price  Every place I’ve been to called something shack are pretty nice.  Two zeros, four figures   212,000 backlinks and lots of history   It’s at $3K if you want it.   Old site    Already the name of a video game   Under $50 at press time    Smooth sounding  Moms run the world

Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  Great idea but really really tough to say and spell  If you need a little help splitting up the purchase of a vacation home with 240 people  There are companies that specialize in commercial bathrooms.  No bids    Hair or science.  One bidder Daycare name all the way  Sounds like a marketing slogan  “Where do you go if you need capital?  Here”  Family name so brands are a coming  If there is a London company that needs this they’ll definitely pay more than the current price of $12  There is a Portuguese company of the same name but I put it here because it was short and easy to spell   This is a want by many minorities  If you believe my crying in the opening paragraph then this should fly past $100 because I like it  Curious how its going to be different Shaving or gardening


 The Rest of the Names With Bids

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6 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday December 30th, 2018”

  1. LOL Shane this is how I have felt lately. I did win a smaller one for like $50 a few days ago, but prior to that I had lost by a bid on my last 20 or so auctions. I finally did win one that I thought I got great value on, (MudBogging .com), but then the person renewed it and it took a while to get refunded by GoDaddy bc of the holidays/weekend. I’m stubborn and don’t want to overpay for the names!

  2. Reason is godaddy is putting high valuations on lame duck domains. Even if it previously sold for that much to a business that failed likelihood that ever happens again is slim to none. To many newbies chasing the domainer dream of hemroids, and bad posture.

      1. Yes, there is large warehouse companies in the mix thru automated bidding.

        Taryn at NameJet has been in every big auction, even challenging some steep reserves, not shy to spend tens of thousands daily.

        They have money to spend, and do not think the end is near.

        A perfect storm brews.

        I believe your comments of building a 500 domain portfolio today really outweighs the opportunity cost, as I am noticing domainers paying prices end users may struggle to offer, and you have to always factor in 20 percent haircut for commissions on the sell.

        It’s almost a great time to take a domain vacation, you will probably save money.

        Turncommerce has a lot of liability with versign price increases but sometime in 2016 they started hitting godaddy hard, and bought thousands of backorders and were using the loophole to really sneak many good names on the back end. Once the loophole was exposed, godaddy stalled in closing it to let these backorders to be spent.

        Happy new year!

      2. Fortunately I built my portfolio already. I am merely replacing names that I sold so its not as difficult. But that is who new domain investors are competing against. People that are selling names for mid four figures and five figures that they picked up for $100 10 years ago or more. That’s the problem I see. As for building a new 500 domain portfolio now. I agree, its a tough build right now. But its no different than California real estate. You step in now and things are crazy but its not as big of a deal to an investor that loaded up on land 20 years ago

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