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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday January 12th, 2020

Well I stirred up quite a bit of dialogue over on Twitter with my statement that Afternic would crush it if they would add some functionality and rebrand it as Godaddy. I can summarize the responses in a few statement

  1. Pretty much everyone agreed Afternic sucks and the only reason its successful for domain owners is its tie to Godaddy. But they’ve left it to rot
  2. Paul Nicks says they are both working on rebranding it to a Godaddy product and adding some features
  3. A few believe him but most don’t
  4. The owner of DAN doesn’t like Godaddy and like most owners takes his business very seriously and personal.
  5. He implied I was rooting for Godaddy and against the DAN, Efty, Brandbucket and all the other sales platforms. I let him know I root for all to be successful because their success gives domain investors more opportunity to sell names
  6. He’s never reached out to any of us at DSAD for advertising nor to try his service and nobody has told me its something I need to be doing so I’ve never tried undeveloped or DAN. He doesn’t seem to like me regardless
  7. Mike Berkens said in regards to If Godaddy fixes Afternic “IF my grandmother had a dick she would be my Grandfather” meaning if is a big word and that his family is gender fluid.
  8. I wasted too much time on Twitter like I always do but I think it will lead to good things

On a personal note I bought two things this week. A 16″ MacBook Pro and an Oral B cordless toothbrush. I can’t decide which I like more. They’re both great. The computer is such a huge upgrade from my 2012 MacBook Pro. I waited for the keyboard to go back to the one they had in 2012 and it took them 7 years to realize it was the best. They brought it back so I bought it. Its a lot faster and I love the keyboard. Picture and sound have improved in 7 years too. And while the cost is expensive I bought 1000 shares of Apple back in the earl 90s (and more since) and the return has been enough that buying a computer is part of the support. Our nursery has run on Apple computers since 1970s. Yes the 70s and we have been Apple ever since. Even the 90s when they sucked.

As for the toothbrush. Using the OralB electric is like having the dentist polish your teeth every brush. I used to think I was getting my teeth clean with a regular toothbrush but its no comparison. It’s one of those gadgets you get that is so good you want to buy it for other people. Maybe that will be my next giveaway. Heck maybe I’ll send the owner of DAN one as a peace offering.

Quote of the Day: Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.” – Don Henley

Domain of the Day: So many big companies could use this name to upgrade their online presence.

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Reserve under $500. Wedding or financial If you have an exotic car or know someone that does you’ll realize how big this business is. Perfect exact match domain Damn, expiry name so no reserve. Pretty good catch for Namejet Just another . Not much to see but worth a glance I like brands that are two first names like this Reserve under $500 for this one. Great letters Good looking name. A bit hard to pronounce but 93 bidders like it Ha. Better chance of seeing a unicorn Nice short brand. 20 year old name and Dr. Martins and punk will both eventually make a big comeback Big list of We’ve been saying it for a decade. Billions of people in India, the market has to surge soon Good marketing name for a company that wants to brand themselves as the nice guys 20 year expiry with no bids No bids on this

Godaddy Domains With Bids Two character dot orgs are about to get some comps BIG upgrade for a lot of large companies that share the name. Highest price on the GD board at press time. Good single word keyword but dot nets have little value right now unless you are an end user and then its a bargain IMO Same here Fittness or workout name all the way A girls names and we all know how women’s names make great brands The best of the one word dot nets today IMO. Nevermind, that’s the Gump spelling Hugely important name but I’ve always had trouble selling names for big money when they have big responsibility Sounds fun. We have a naughty toy shop in town called Patricia’s. Went in thinking it was a clothing store. Although it did have clothing….kind of To a different drummer VandeLay industries should definitely buy this one You’re going to do fine with solar names. My opinion so don’t buy on it or your going to be in the dark I have mine. Been improving the earth my whole life Generic for what Honey does Social marketing business name Top number of bids on the board today. Driven by history and backlinks It seems like you can pretty much put 888 anywhere and get 4 figures A little history adds value but name is solid on its own Makes it sound official Has to be good advice if they’re paying for it right? “Luxury at your fingertips 247” Upgrade name for a few landscape companies A bit long and keywords nobody searches but still a little value based on money to be made selling marketing ideas This is what the student that tries to buy my domains always says he’s working on. I’ll buy this and sell it too him cheap Best on the board today

Godaddy Names With One of No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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7 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday January 12th, 2020”

  1. It really is one of life’s great mysteries that GoDaddy doesn’t improve and rebrand Afternic. Maybe there is some hidden agenda?

    As to competitors, according to Rob “God willing” Monster, GoDaddy will buy DAN this year. So maybe we will get an Afterdan in the end?

  2. The VandeLay Industries joke was awesome! As for Afternic- yesterday at NamePros Raymond Hackney quoted what Joe Styler said in 2018 about Afternic:

    “We will not get rid of Afternic as a brand in the foreseeable future. We need a strong non GoDaddy brand to facilitate the DLS service. We cannot use the GoDaddy brand for other registrars or they would be much less likely to participate in Afternic Fast transfer. It is good for them to have a company name that most end user companies do not recognize than to have a big name brand competitor.”

    1. This part is also interesting from what Joe said: “We are also looking into branding for sale landers as GoDaddy so if you are selling domains with Afternic you can have brand recognition and trust from a potential buyer vs the Afternic brand. I think that will help a lot in regards to your statement that non domainers do not know Afternic. I think it will help them buy domains more comfortably but still not alienate our other registrar partners.”

  3. Maybe the shareholders at GoDaddy need to know that current management wants to be nice and non-confrontational to their registrar partners and the other domain aftermarket providers. Maybe GD management just isn’t hungry. Maybe the piece of the pie they have right now is sufficient and they’ll let the business ride on the coattails of past successes.

    Guys, this isn’t about monopoly or hurting feelings or putting other companies out of business. This is about competition and putting your resources into what you truly believe in. GoDaddy is the market leader in domains whether we like it or not. What Godaddy does directly or indirectly influences all of the businesses in the domain industry.

    GoDaddy will take one of two routes:

    A. GoDaddy believes in the potential and the future of the domain name and all it entails. It will invest resources to be the market leader in all areas of the domain industry especially the aftermarket. Or,

    B. GoDaddy will focus and use their vast resources to complement the upsell, and basically, continue the path of the status quo.

    Let me shift gears and bear with me.

    My father was a beer distributor, just like his father before him, and his father before him. My dad and grandfather made sure I knew who the enemy was before I could walk or talk. Beer distributors fight for every inch of cooler space in every retail outlet in every unheard ghost town in each nowhere state of the US. Our families were threatened by the breweries if we didn’t add one single point of distribution or refuse to carry the full product and package line of each major and miniscule brand many of you have never heard of. Or worse, termination if we didn’t perform at the highest levels each and every day. I still have beer nightmares.

    Everyone will get a free lesson about competition tomorrow (Monday). Hard seltzer has taken the beer industry by storm and grabbed a near 10% share of total malt beverage (unheard of and remarkable actually) by the smaller upstart brands White Claw, Truly, Smirnoff, Henry’s, Bon & Viv, etc. I’m sure you see it everywhere in the stores now. Most of this volume has come directly from market share held by Anheuser-Busch and Molson-Coors – the two biggest players in the industry by far (70% of the total market) – while they’ve sat by watching…..and waiting. Based on successes the past year, all of these smaller seltzer producers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars adding brewing capacity, new flavors and new people.

    Monday, A-B rolls out Bud Light Seltzer. I can tell you right now, it will be everywhere and I mean everywhere. They have the distribution, the money, the share of mind, the people and the space. The only thing I don’t know about is the liquid. If it tastes half ass good (doesn’t have to be great), is comparable to the other seltzers in calories and sugar, and is priced right, all the other seltzers will go away and I mean eventually they will go away. These guys just can’t compete on the level and for the long term like A-B. The seltzer guys are scared to death. And, they damn well should be because A-B is placing more emphasis on this rollout than any other product in their history.

    You want to know how it’s done – first you denigrate, then imitate, integrate, and finally dominate. That’s what Anheuser-Busch does.

    Anheuser-Busch’s heart and soul and wallet and mission is dedicated to beer and that magical cooler you see in the local neighbor store or bar. I don’t care if it’s lager, malt liquor, craft beer, an IPA, a bock or a hard seltzer. A-B believes that sale should be theirs and they want to know why it’s not and will spend heavily to find out why and in the end make it theirs. They are not afraid to be innovators and they are not afraid to invade and ruin a new beverage category to make point. They give their distributors the best tools, best margins, best advertising, best everything to succeed. They give the retailers the best selling solutions and strategies to sell more of their (read A-B) products. And, they advertise and get their name everywhere so Joe six pack believes in his beer and is brand loyal to the grave.

    GoDaddy is to the domain industry just like what Anheuser-Busch is to the beer industry.

    GoDaddy management needs to decide if they want to be the leader or if they are content with the status quo. It’s time to innovate. It’s time for a new platform that leverages the Go Daddy name and works in concert with domainers – we are your distributors. Help us help you, we are partners whether you think so or not. And, I would think the data that’s generated is worth it’s weight in gold.

    Then again, maybe GoDaddy knows something we don’t. Maybe domains and the aftermarket aren’t core to the domain industry and not the future for GoDaddy. Maybe it’s all churn and burn. Maybe the upsell is the future after all.

    I think GoDaddy can learn something about competition from the beer industry, we all can actually. And, maybe learn something from the guys on the fringe. The folks that grind day in and day out selling names and making a living on their own. I see it in Rosener, Schwartz, Cultra, myself and countless others. We’re fucking always hungry and don’t understand why a company as connected and intertwined to an industry (as GoDaddy is to domain names) can be this complacent.

    When people think of domain names they think of GoDaddy. Use it to your advantage.

    Full disclosure. This is not a rant. I sold my beer distributorship over 10 years ago and develop names full time. The bulk of my portfolio is at GD and I am very happy with the DDC. I like Efty and Dan have used them, will continue to use them. I am hungry.

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