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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday May 24th, 2020

As I sit and eat breakfast and cruise through the Internet, I think about how different it was during breakfast when I was a kid. When I was a kid there wasn’t shit to read except the cereal box itself. And the cereal makers knew it. They would fill the back with puzzles, word finds, and overall entertainment. And I would read that damn thing every morning. To the point that I would actually start reading the ingredients on the side. By the time I finished the box I probably could have told you how much Niacin was in Fruity Pebbles.

And cereal manufacturers knew that in those days the kids choose the cereal so they would put a huge prize in the box. In the beginning the prize was literally dropped into the cereal. No packaging, just a prize. Within five minutes we kids were dipping our infected hands into the box digging away for the prize. And it wasn’t at breakfast. It was 3 in the afternoon. And we weren’t even close to finishing the old box. Sometimes we would even pour the cereal box out into another container just to get the prize. We pretended we were putting it into a container that would seal and keep it fresh but in reality it was a prize grab. Eventually the manufacturers were forced to put the prize in a package and then outside the cereal in the box. Which still make you go elbow deep to try and get the prize.

Even better was when they made the back of the box an actual playable record. You cut it out and it would play on a record player. That shit got cut out immediately. Exposing the cereal beneath for week. Eventually the records went the way of the prize and they glued it on the back or slid it inside the box. The crazy part about all this is we got just as excited for those prizes and entertainment as kids do today about their iPads and Internet. If today’s kids saw our boxes it would last 5 seconds and they’d be back to the Internet. Its a zero on their scale. But our scale back in the day only had zero.

This whole rant sounds like a “In my day” story but its really a story of happiness with what you have because you don’t know any better. I miss the days of being satisfied with small stuff. Needles moving easily. Happiness being made by small things. That’s the true problem with success and age. You’ve seen too much. I hope some day I can be as happy and entertained with something as simple as a shitty record on the back of a box but my guess its merely a mental state that you have to get in and remind yourself to stay. Kids will help get you back or my case, when grandkids come.

Domain of the Day: Because you’re just not going to buy at this point

Quote of the Day: Never give advice unless asked. The wise man won’t need it, the fool won’t heed it.” – German Proverb Names at Auction or Dropping computers and dot io are like peas and carrots A color and “Now on the stage, give a big Uncle Ron’s Dancehouse welcome to………” Another good letter dot io. Good for a few hundred dollars “we make you soar” I put anything bee on these lists now

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action I don’t believe the price, do you? If it is correct its going to be one of the top of all time I’d much rather be a have than a have not Used to be a computer virus name, now a COVID name Where you’ll find such greats as “PlayGlass” and “Leaygos” Its dot org but its a huge keyword. Sports and science No reserve, a name, and taken in 127 other extensions . 1997 birthday My favorite kind of No reserve and taken in a lot of extensions. 1998 Chicago has a decent art scene. Not as good as their hot dog scene Two first names make good brands Brett Farve is on board on this one I don’t buy a lot of dot nets but this is the kind I like

Godaddy Domains With Bids The top number of bids on the board and the top valuation by Godaddy Another WTF type price Ditto and pattern ditto Let’s Be………… Better name for a kids scooter than a Lime or Bird This on the other hand, would make a fantastic bike share name The dirty version of Black Mirror You know I love solar. Only like this solar Security firm comes to mind When you can’t afford to be Elite I’m going to start an appraisal site to appraise domains. Nah, scratch that. Been done by the best already Clean their decks and patios The K makes it even more cryptic The new TMZ or Snoop Dogg I would buy it but I’m looking for Locally Rx delivery, private ambulance a new MMA gym Affiliate program all the way

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

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  1. My parents wouldn’t let me eat the types of cereal that had prizes inside. So, no cereal box toys for me. At least I’ve never been a person that cares much about sugar.

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