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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday October 6th, 2019

I went to a talk from a “sales specialist” . It was one of those talks that was sponsored by the local television stations and was free for their customers. The hope was for their customers to learn something and be more successful in their ad campaigns. You will hear companies or owners say X doesn’t work but the reality is they aren’t running a very good campaign. It’s the message or the target that doesn’t work. Not the medium

I knew about 95% what he talked about but was super impressed with the polish of the delivery. I was paying more attention to the way he presented than what he was presenting at time. I could tell he was really good at what he did. I took away a few important things but one thing that stuck with me is you should never chase the fringes of your target market. He used the example of Harley Davidson. Harley D noticed that the female biker was the fastest growing market. That market was up 4 times what it normally was. They let all the local dealers know this and many of them moved their advertising dollars over to attract that market. But while that market was growing like crazy, how big was it. About 3%. So they moved 100% of their advertising dollars in an attempt to get more of the 3%. As a result, company sales dropped. The numbers of women riders went up it didn’t make up for the other lost sales.

I think this is the same for new Gs. I could buy some and make a little money (or try to) on the fringe TLDs but its better to just concentrate on the core. The dot com. I will be better off in the long run putting my money in time into the most popular and liquid market. It’s not loving or hating a certain TLD, its marketing 101.

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Domain of the Day: My favorite kind of name. Short, memorable, and an animal

Quote of the Day: Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter.” -Africa proverb

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction “clay” in Spanish and also a last name I would love to take a winter holiday there 1995 birthday. Sounds as old as it is All premium letters Registered in 30 different extensions 5L that I imagine will get a few bidders Memorable name and easy logo Makes me think of the Shaggy song of the same name I think it makes a good Credit Repair name. Fix your credit Under $200 at press time. Some don’t mind past tense or future tense words Used to be the name of a smart light

Godaddy Domains With Multiple Bids If you’re going to build out then dot nets are at a super value IMO. Reselling them is tough though Is a bet in Australia and England so a pretty strong gambling name What people over 80 used to call young people Pretty good value for a stock photo name IMO. Reversed but everyone knows exactly what its going to offer For some reason has the most bids on the Godaddy board Skin diving is diving with only a snorkel and not air Another 5N that’s getting close to five figures R for Realty My name. Getting closer to my reserve. Should go for six figures. Just kidding should be pro every color Generic for Gorilla glass That could Marketing name for some sport these pronounceable that start with X go pretty cheap compared to non X

Godaddy Domains With One Or No Bids

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  1. Shane,your write up makes a lot of sense and this article is a saver to remind myself always that .com is it.

    “I think this is the same for new Gs. I could buy some and make a little money (or try to) on the fringe TLDs but its better to just concentrate on the core. The dot com.”

    Hope others remember the above quote.

    Have a nice weekend and thank you once again.


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