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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday September 20th, 2020

You’ve been seeing a big uptick in sports and memorabilia collecting since COVID hit but one thing you probably didn’t know is the collectible plant market has gone crazy too. Everyone thinks of the Dutch Tulip bulb story and its certainly similar in the hard to find plant, especially houseplant market. People are paying thousands of dollars just for an unrooted cutting of some of the hardest to find plants. Plant collecting has been around since the first human walked the earth. Some for food, lately for beauty. Now its rare.

I was trained by my Father to understand price points. What would sell the best at what price but try and maximize profits. Its been a little different for the rare specimens we get in. I’m getting prices I never imagined and they are literally putting it in the cart with no questions asked. Hundreds of dollars for small plants. Plants that took me a while to find and grow and worth the high cost to me but wasn’t sure if customers would agree. Bonsai can fetch four figures. Rare variegated houseplants, same. Even the hosta market is coming back. I bought a William Lachman hosta 15 years ago for $300. Three leaves is all it had. Now its huge. The plant itself is variegated but that comes and goes. Its a very unstable plant. Why is it so expensive? Its seeds produce plants that can be wild. Lots of streaks and colors. It’s one of the best breeding hostas ever. I sell 10 pieces of the plant every year for $30 a piece. Have been for a decade. At year 3 its paid for itself every year.

To me, that’s what’s driving this market. It’s not just the collectibility but the ability to grow and create new plants that can be sold. It’s exactly what I do for a living but on a very small scale. I love seeing it because I enjoy seeing people enjoying plants. They do for fun what I do for a living. Not many jobs that let you do that.

Quote of the Day: “A ship is sunk by the water in it, but it is kept afloat by the water around it”

Domains of the Day: and Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Getting four figure bids. Good .io are now regularly pushing four figures at auction gonna fly its a top 20 crypto coin Wonder how this one will do ? In a world or impersonation this one is gaining value every day

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action This is worth a lot more than the $1500 current bid. And I’m not even a dot co person Same here IMO . Not nearly as good but good The traffic alone is worth the $99 Sounds like an athletics wear company A tenth of a yuan. No reserve Has a reserve but to the right person it works at this price 21 years old and taken in 26 extensions. Won’t misspell it. No reserve No reserve. I’m good with the 2. Like it better than the to

Godaddy Domains With Bids 22 years old, taken in 20 extensions. Yes having a lot of those two doesn’t it make it valuable but it sure gives it a much better chance of it Another example here. Age, simple words and being used. Sounds like place Jimmy Buffet would love Top number of bids, top price, and all juice The kind of that are selling for great prices right now My guess is the final site will have nothing to do with the stock market Good Western letters. West, Worldwide Ditto Nice fantasy name. What noise does a dragon even make? Nice name for a fund that supports LBGT organizations and companies. Cookies show or site all the way Insane Clown Posse has a ton of crazy fans Needs some backlinks for your DIY site? Court reporter site For a company called activate that will never get Godaddy thinks its worth $4K Simple and defining. Staying the course Great things start with a dream……………. or a great woman Post production bro

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