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I was told by my Mom to never make fun of something that a person can’t change. I still think about that every day. Can that person change what bothers me? For example. I never made fun of someone’s nose. Officially they can change it but they were born with that and its what they’ve been given. Ironically I used to have problems with my own nose but as I got older I realized that my nose and everything I have, is what makes me special. Unique. Like a domain. There is nothing more beautiful than unique. Growing up I was pretty good at how I treated others (other than my siblings of course) because of this simple rule. But then it came to weight.

I’m not good. I try and keep it an inside voice but it does bother me when someone eats so much they become an unhealthy weight. By no means do I think its easy to not eat. Every marketing company, ever food supplier, every part of your body is addicted to sugar and calories. It calls day and night. Reducing sugar and caloric intake is crazy difficult. But it’s so necessary. There is a reason that weight is an unprotected class. You can hire, fire, and discriminate on weight according to law. Because it is a choice. A difficult choice, but a choice. We should give everyone the same opportunity except when someones choices have caused them to be at a disadvantage. We should help them overcome and cheer them on to good decisions. Accommodating only leads to more bad choices. I never want to see another person suffer but if they continue to make choices that lead to their disadvantage how can we continue to help? I realize that someone is going to bring up religion here. If a religion is being persecuted then don’t be that religion. It’s much more difficult than that. You’re often born into a religion like you are born into a nationality. It takes years of choices to become obese.

What about people that are born into families where obesity is accepted and promoted through a lifestyle. They don’t get choices? This is difficult and I will readily admit I don’t know where to go with this except to educate youth on the dangers. I never said that this was an easy discrimination 🙂

What bothers me about overweight is we all pay. We pay through the cost of health insurance. The required size of chairs and toilets that accommodate giant people. The demand of giant portions of food has made it difficult for the next generation to avoid the same fate. Obesity is spreading around the world but nobody competes with the United States when it comes to giant people that weren’t giant 30 years ago. The reason COVID has killed so many people here is because our weight and food choices have led to high rates of diabetes which is one of the major underlying conditions that doesn’t dance well with COVID.

So where am I going with this? I’m not sure. Other than if one person reads this and decides to move more and eat less than the 5 minutes I spent ranting will pay off. I’m not saying you should go Vegetarian and definitely not Vegan. Just saying that reducing the portions, watching the packaged snacks and foods, and eliminating the food after dinner, will make every step and breath you take a little bit easier. It will give you more energy to put up the fight against the real things that need a fight. Equality for race and religion. Not civil rights, equal rights.

Quote of the Day: “Watch your thoughts for they become your words; watch your words for they become your actions; watch your actions for they become your habits; watch your habits for they become your character; watch your character for it becomes your destiny.” — Lao Tzu

Domain of the Day: Such a great name. the perfect name for a blend of science and technology Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Bar bought so I would imagine he will be in the running for this one A perfect match to the dot GG tld Not a word we use much anymore but people know what it means because their Grandma probably told them they looked dapper on the way to a Friday night dance in Jr. High Oh boy. I think this goes for $3K plus I don’t usually like made up words in dot io but store and storage are big categories

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Just don’t do anything Disney. 25 years old A lot of definitions for this one. It’s why its taken in 57 extensions and has some age I figure a lot of people are going to be on this one. No reserve, expiry auction 24 year old domain that means “Eagle” in Spanish I like this one. It would make a great IPA or hard seltzer so it’s also a great brand One of the few ING names that I am going to try to buy I still like all pronounceable 5L.coms at the right price Love the broadness of the name. Hate the broadness of the name I’ve always loved two word names that end in house. Obviously some are better than others Taken over as most bids, highest price in the SEDO auction One of my favorite from the auction Probably the most action and highest price I’ve seen on a .dev. Actually might be the only auction I’ve seen with dot dev

Godaddy Domains With Bids Already on every truck. More of a product than a company name. But it could be I’d rather you just buy it from me LLN.coms have paid for many of my nice things The internet is built on photos The perfect name to give some juice to your Spanish learning site. To someone that has one or wants to start one, this domain is worth 10X what it would be to a domain investor 26 years old Although we know its the end of the date that gets rated Remember Let is lease in the UK. Or could be short for inlet Super solid temp worker or staffing company site Great western letters. N for Network We still doing Chain names? Try and find either of these in the news and its tough. Both? Impossible Won’t stay under $50 but a heck of a buy if it did Worldwide healthcare “Cents” in Spanish Porn

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