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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday April 3rd, 2020

It will be interesting to see how the stimulus checks effect the economy. As a guy that sells stuff I think its only going to help. They have to spend it on something. It may be life bills. Rent, food, car. But for those that are still wealthy but under the $198,000 threshold they may spend it on plants. I can tell you what they won’t be spending it on. Travel, vacations.

I am fortunate that between domain investing and the nursery I don’t qualify but if you’re a domain investor $1200 doesn’t move the needle. After 10 years of buying names, sometimes you put $1000 on a maybe domain. Again, I am fortunate and realize that to many $1000 not only moves the needle, it might be a life changer. I was that guy at one point in my life, many of my employees are in that boat. Why don’t you pay them more? Some make $40K a year and still live paycheck to paycheck. Most people don’t do a good job of managing money.

I can look at the parking lot and tell who is good with money. People cherish cars too much. Cars are meant to be nice once you’ve become wealthy. Until then you merely need something safe, gets good gas mileage, and doesn’t need to be repaired all the time. Everything above that is a waste of money that could be used for something else. Cars are utilitarian.

I’m actually looking forward to hearing where the money goes. Its meant to help those with bills and prop up the economy through spending. I think it will do both. No chance in hell anyone saves it. Its found money. And that’s exactly what the government did, found it and printed it. I’ll let my daughter worry about what to do about paying it back

Domain of the Day: People would pay 1000s to get theirs to be higher. In High School your popularity to vertical jump was proportional

Quote of the Day: “People who are unable to abandon anything will fail to bring about any change.” – Armin Arlert Names at Auction or Dropping Cooking name all the way The cartoon, the Azalea We still short linking? Another great use of the dot to ending who do we appreciate

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction Upgrade name for dozens of companies Worth few hundred as an email alone Nice sounding brand Pending delete. Worth putting in a bid everywhere I didn’t think it would hit reserve . I may be wrong No reserve. NYC will come back. It always does If Josh isn’t bidding on it nobody should Ruby on Rails You see this Morgan L? Bullseye . 19 years old What the rich think the homeless are doing

Godaddy Domains With Bids Top number of bids and wouldn’t be surprised to see this get close to $10K Love it. I miss my 4N portfolio every day 5Ns and LLLL.coms are down right now but these this and the above show that good names are still going strong People are jonesing for the high caffeine coffee shop coffee Sounds 24 years old as it is but still relevant Was one of my favorite comedians. Died last year I believe. Loved him on the Carol Burnett show Upgrade name for a handful of landscapers Vegan anything I will be buying this one. Move along Kids brand all the way My fireplace is one of my favorite things in my house. Wouldn’t have a home without one Would have made a lot of money back i Geez, look at that price. Crochet is big business Site maker site ready and waiting Z makes it cool I don’t like it but sure some will A billion results says it all Don’t know what its going to be but it won’t be a political site Registered in 26 other extensions Bi or Motor

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  1. Trump put his head in the sand for months and then initially called this health crisis a Democratic hoax. Now, he finally takes it seriously but still hasn’t come up with a solid plan to mobilize the country’s resources to smartly fight this thing and is too afraid to order a national stay at home order. The $1200 is his way of buying votes in November using taxpayer money. It came from the House but he will spin it like it came out of his own pocket.

  2. By the time the $1200 arrives to people will so far behind it will go for food and electric. Not much of it will be spent on “things”. That’s how it should be actually.

  3. “Some make $40K a year and still live paycheck to paycheck. Most people don’t do a good job of managing money”

    I don’t really understand this statement, at $40K per year that is paycheck to paycheck type salary food, rent/mortgage, kids, car maintenance/payments, bills… not much left

    1. Mike,

      You obviously don’t live in Central IL. You can buy a house for $60K. Not slum. Clean and in a small town. Drive to work is 10 miles, no traffic 15 minutes. Taxes are cheap. You can find a reliable car for $8K a family car for $10. This isn’t Chicago and definitely not SF. I live like a king on less than $100K a year. I know quite a few single people that make $50K and save $10K a year around here. No its not great money but the skill set is a trade. And my employees get $400 a month fr insurance. That covers some, leaves some short but insurance has always been an issue

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