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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday December 26th, 2019

I used to love going to the dog track when I was in college. It was an hour away but I loved the excitement of watching the dogs run around the track. And it involved a chance to make money. At the time I didn’t really think about how the dogs were treated, only that I loved to watch them run and gamble. I had a system and no it didn’t involve the one that took the biggest dump. It generally involved building a quinella box with the first three dogs. They had the easiest run to the first turn. The first turn is where it got crowded and a lot of dogs got their feet tangled and knocked out. I probably wasn’t profitable but it I definitely didn’t lose a lot. I know it because I didn’t have very much money and I went a few times a week.

When I became a senior I knew I needed to get a job to make ends meet. My parents were divorcing and the funds from home didn’t come like they used to and I needed food and money to buy girls drinks. Shallow but the truth. I knew every bet that could be made so I went to the dog track and applied for a job. And I got it. It paid $6 an hour and free food. I got it because I was white. I didn’t mention that 90% of the clientele and all the employees were black. The track was in Eutaw Alabama near the Mississippi line and this was the racial makeup of the community. They didn’t say it directly but they welcomed someone white to help the white clientele that would come in. Racist? Maybe but it was the truth.

I was a hit at the track. After a few weeks they put me up in the club. The club had a dress code and larger bets. And for me it meant larger tips. A hit meant only that I was knew, knew my bets, didn’t mess up tickets, and smiled and joked around a lot. I got to know a lot of people by name and the ladies that worked there took care of me. They invited me to their homes, made me food, and basically became friends. All this while I led this other life called college.

Everyone thought I was crazy working that far away from campus but I loved it. I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do for work. Something you liked. Eventually they gave me a promotion to the money room. That’s right, a college kid, only 21 was in charge of counting all the money at the end of the day. Every teller had to bring in their totals and I would compare it against their cash. If they were $10 over or short twice they were fired. Including myself. There were a few nights were I forgot to bring money and I triple counted my money in case I made a mistake because I had no buffer in case I was short. You also were not allowed to bet yet every single person there did. As long your drawer wasn’t short nobody could really tell. A lot of people would keep a total of their bets and put in the loss or take out the winnings at the end of the night. It was a dangerous game of addicted gamblers. A game I played on occasion and where I developed my “system” after watching thousands of races.

It was a great experience. It gave me money handling experience, math experience, and a cultural experience. I used it later in life to get a job at the Chicago Stock Exchange, The Options Exchange, The Board of Trade, and Arlington Race Track near Chicago. Pretty much every job was given to me using my race track experience. I could mold into qualifications they each needed. Most financial traders are addicted gamblers and they knew one when they saw one and brought me into the herd.

That was 30 years ago. I place a few horse bets in Vegas when I go and pretty much all the dog tracks have been closed because of the way they treated the dogs. I really have no desire to bet on animals that go around a track. But its a huge part of who I am. It’s why I have no aversion to risk. I am not scared to lose money. It is the reason I have been successful. I learned to be a bit more risky for greater gain. Never worrying about the loss. It’s why I know I was going to make money in domains. Because I was always confident I was going to win. If I could win at dogs running around a track I could win at anything.

Quote of the Day: Never make fun of someone who mispronounces a word. It means they learned it by reading.” — AJ Styles

Domain of the Day: Color + Noun make the best brands

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Nice and short. Merely has to overcome the zero vs Oh issue. Doing well regardless Makes porn sound like a household brand Closes today. Could get to reserve if the reserve is on the low side of the range What they call a racing boat. Or a plane if you go too fast Boat might be a bit redundant but the Google results are high Met reserve. So many good uses for this one C is the best ending and KC could be Kansas Center 1994 birthday. I for International Regged in 25 different extensions Listed on Dan for $12,500. At $127 at auction but only two bidders which makes no sense to me. Why would someone put in $127 ? another palindrome. Registered in 11 other extensions 1995 birthday and registered in 19 other extensions

Godaddy Domains With Bids This palindrome is the top price on the board at press time I can almost smell the suntan lotion and feel all the sand in the seats of my car LL88 always deliver. And their delivery address is always to China Nice upgrade name for a few entities. And Boston for “Contact her” Popular Vietnamese surname I went to an IVYY league school. But not an Ivy League. That was too expensive Of course they only have 3 followers Crypto currency in Spanish. Actually crypto money This is the kind of money you can make money on. Instead of some made up name that somebody may choose you get a name that several companies have already chosen years ago Brazilian first name I used to call BS on CBD but I actually used it and it definitely takes the edge off the pain Someone get this for Joe since he’s not allowed to bid 24 years old . And you can trust them. Its in the name. Godaddy has this valued at $5800 Sounds like a music blog Age reducing creme all the way Upgrade name for a British company and a few others Yes, I must. Nice 5L but not as much as GD likes it

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  1. DAMN! I laughed out loud when I saw Eutaw! I forgot about them and had to look it up to see if it was still open. Still there and they have a kick ass domain. I spent quite a few nights at the track back in the late 80s when I was at State. We’d drive down from Starkville at least a couple times a month and hit Mack’s supper club in Crawford on the way back.

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