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If you read my tweets you saw that yesterday I flew a discount airline for the first time. I spent $20K on travel in 2019 and although I wouldn’t trade the experiences for the world, I did have to cut it back this year. Last year I flew business class pretty much every time if the seats were better than what I could get in coach. There were times I could get bulkhead seats and those have plenty of legroom. They aren’t any worse than the business class on the older Boeings. But on the long flights of 5 hours or more I bucked up. And it added up.

So I decided to try and see how bad the discount airlines would be. Allegiant flies between Punta Gorda and Springfield Illinois or Indianapolis and has direct flights for under $100. Yup under $100 for a round trip ticket. I was able to get a round trip with a carry on for $120. And it was direct. I had to give it a try. Honestly at that price I can take ANY plane ride for 2 hrs. So here’s my review.

It’s fucking packed at the gate. The smaller airports pretty much live on Allegiant or American Eagle and Allegiant is by far the busiest. Heaven forbid you need to go to the ticket counter. Don’t. Do it all from home and get your boarding pass on your phone. Avoid the ticket counter at all costs and yes, they actually charge you to print out a boarding pass. But you never have to see them and I didn’t. I heeded the warnings. Once on the plane you’ll notice a few things. The plane has new seats. New because they took all the old out and added three more rows than normal so its tight. Even the exit rows are tighter. You’re getting out but not if you’re fat. You die in the fire in the name of profits.

The other thing I noticed is no food tray. They have a little flap that folds down. Too small to hold much and definitely not a laptop. They don’t serve food so no need to waste weight on a food tray. I also noticed nobody leaned back in their chair. It’s just too tight. If you lean back the person behind you can whisper in your ear. Finally the flight attendants. The newest of the new, youngest of the young. Its definitely the bottom rung of the flight attendant ladder. They were nice and did a good job, but I feel like it was stepping stone job for everyone working. I’d like to make fun of it but when you know exactly what you’re getting and you prepare for it then there’s no problems. Especially when its small airport to small airport and you avoid all the delays of the big airports.

The main reason I took the flight was not the cost but it was direct. Only a two hour flight to Florida which great. I watched a few shows and I was there. So short I really never felt cramped or uncomfortable and didn’t need any food or water. I knew I wasn’t getting any so I brought my own. Really not a big deal. All and all I can honestly say its how I’m going to go to Florida now. So good I am going to go there a few times a month during the winters now because of it. The price is amazing and parking at the airport is free as well. There just aren’t many quick getaways that cost under $200 for four days (I have a house and a car to use) where you can get 60 degrees warmer. So there you have it. I can’t believe I’m saying it but I highly recommend Allegiant for short direct flights to smaller airports. A good value if you plan for no frills.

As for domains. I didn’t sell any. Although I received five $50 offers which would have bought me 2.5 flights so maybe I should have taken them

Quote of the Day: “Allegiant Airlines is pleased to have some of the best flight attendants in the industry. Unfortunately, none of them are on this flight!”

Domain of the Day: Six figure name. Not much more to say

Namejet, Sedo, Snap, and other Names Up for Auction Finpay names will continue to be hot. And remember you can sell names to people that think they will be the next Venmo. Even if they don’t 19 years old. Good name for a sports video production or anything related to sports. Reserve met so its going to sell today Everyone wants to make affiliate money but most have no idea how to do it . And we all know the best way to make money is giving people ideas how to make money. No reserve. 1995 birthday, DMOZ listed and some good backlinks. Its a city in almost every state. Often confused with Vidalia as in the onion Reserve is under $500 for this short pronounceable. Most people I know get one. Some more often than others Not a real word in my vocabulary but sounds fabulous They’re hard to catch but if you catch them in season their milk is delicious Beautiful sounding brand Balloons have fallen a little in popularity because of their environmental impact but still a requirement when visiting someone at the hospital Color (or last name) + noun is generally a good investment Coming back from Florida I got to see personally the huge business of estate sales. They die and everyone comes to grab their stuff

Godaddy Domains With Bids Was the domain of the day yesterday and closing today. For a marketing name its worth a lot, a blog for a lady with a “can I see the manager haircut” not so much First generation. People collect first gen things but exudes old technology. NextGen is really where I’d want to be I’m in the heart of ag product sales. Hundreds of billions of dollars of it. And not too generic in my opinion “Welcome to the Crypto Dome” Hand made. In America

Some decent LLLL.coms closing today I’m the one that let this drop if that means anything No T but I still see credit in the name This needs to go to the organization. If someone puts up ads they need to be punches in the teeth If you have three 7s you get to go to heaven A bunch of different things call themselves the Sunrise Celebration The zip code of Hawaii. A ton of stuff has 808 in their name there some bidders think this is a cool way to spell applause Going to be more of marketing name than a company name but DBase Developers are more in need than ever Trademarks have been abandoned or not approved. I would highly recommend a purchase followed by a trademark application Sounds like the this portal can do a lot of different things There’s been plenty of tools and apps that do this but none have owned the exact match Here’s your handle flipping company name App or tool name I pretty much list all True+keyword names here because TRUE is a good branding name

Godaddy Names With One of No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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