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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday June 25th, 2020

Godaddy showed another example yesterday of companies using COVID as an excuse to trim some fat. I’ve talked to dozens of people that work for companies that were finally able to get rid of some people that were tough to get rid of. As soon as workmans comp became more lenient they used it to drop the problems. Not saying all the people let go were problems but they showed their overlap when people started working from home and were judged individually and not as a group. All that being said, I felt Godaddy looked bad by saying that sales and future prospects looked great but they were laying off 800 people because of COVID.

I’m sure Godaddy struggled with the announcement. They realized that they can do as much, or more, business with less people. So they are. All the while saying COVID is the reason. It IS the reason but it wasn’t the cause. It was the change in routine that flushed out staffing issues. How do I know? I know because their sales are up, they will guide up. We all know in the industry that people are moving online and using domains to hold their place. Sales are great for domain investors so I would imagine it translates to Godaddy as well. The domain industry isn’t big enough to swallow 800 people so the industry got smaller yesterday and that’s never a good thing.

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Quote of the Day: “nothing will kill a great employee than watching you tolerating a bad one” Names at Auction or Available for Pickup super short but wasn’t sure how the demand would be. Looks good so far I didn’t see this one doing this well. Shows that is a five figure name at wholesale I double checked, its water Steam has become a tech word with the popularity of the gaming company BullS should buy this one because he’s such a pu$$y

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Met reserve. The Gardening industry is up 20% plus in 2020. Scotts, the largest company was up 40% this spring Boy could I use this. Me and tens of millions of other men. Closes today and met reserve 17 years old. Reserve only $1. Closes today Reserve met under $100. 12 years old. Music is the soul of youth Fashion podcast? Met reserve at $35 20 years old. Estibot loves this one This one came on strong. Got a ton of bids yesterday. No reserve. Sand not sugar The sellers no reserve is paying off If the reserve is closer to the low end the reserve it may sell. Sounds like a Greek restaurant I just assume Bar is going to buy this one I would have skipped over this but 1996 birthday and is registered in 49 other extensions and that got my attention Upgrade name for dozens of places that share the name. And the 13 other extensions Learn the business of agriculture and farming.

Godaddy Domains With Bids Might be the only I can afford now A great thought. The eloquent version of BeBetter A few First name dot me are dropping today Rosener is going to take this one LLN has been good for a few thousand plus for the last few years More Pharmacist than Farmer If i sold snow making machines I would use this for marketing. Of course could be some totally unrelated product named Snow Taken in 19 other extensions Pattern has it at a few K Honey but with a cheesier name Europe is leading the way Sounds a cartoon character. Taken in 23 extensions one of the most popular tools in DomainTools The crop protection business is billions and billions of dollars Crowd teaching ? Sun and Skin. Always a market for something that protects Lovely brand and Two cheap She was such a talented singer. was tough watching the downward spiral

Godaddy Names with One of NO Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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