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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday June 24th, 2020

One thing we haven’t discussed because of HIPAA laws in the US (a law forbidding someone from giving out personal health information of another person without their consent) is the amount of domain investors that have gotten COVID. There are quite a few. I know its easy to say “quite a few” when I can’t name names but I was checking closely after NamesCon to see if anyone got sick and over the next few months I was told of some people that did test positive. There were people that attended NamesCon that got COVID. But I truly don’t think anyone contracted it at the conference. It was pretty early in the COVID game but we’ll never know.

I have not been tested and I had a brief sickness in the spring, but with me its really hard to tell if its straight up exhaustion or COVID. When you run 60 miles a week, work 90, and sleep 6 hrs a night you’re going to feel like shit. That’s not COVID, that’s stupidity. They don’t have a drive through test for that at the moment. I hit the wall again this past week but that too is something that I have every year. I hit that wall, start taking time off and my body knows it has time off so it falls apart and rests. Every year I get my first Sunday off and I sleep the entire day. 15 hrs or so. I get an entire springs sleep in one day. I feel shitty a few days and I’m back.

The other thing that happens every early summer is it gets hot. All my employees get tired and crabby from the heat and the hard push of spring, and ask for a lot of days off and raises. It’s like clockwork. It always adds a little tightness to my shoulders and a little ache to my head. And the heat isn’t great for me either. All of which feels like you’re coming down with something.

Domain investors to me would seem like the last group to get COVID. They work from home and don’t need to get out in big groups. Their life didn’t have to change and they’re never in big work groups. Unless they socialize a lot or go to church, full time domain investors are in the lowest chance of infection. The group that were in the most were the people that work for domain companies in offices. In the old “shared room” environment that became so popular. Ironic isn’t it? The world moved to the open workspace concept only to find out it sucked from an audio standpoint and even worse when it came to people getting sick. Back to fighting for the corner office.

Domain of the Day: Most cities have a store named exactly this. Upgrade name for dozens of companies

Quote of the Day: Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Bidders are liking this one. I remember it as a kid. Now it has a whole new meaning Closes today. As I said before, nice gambling name As expected, it got caught and made it to auction. And yes, I may buy it. I’m part owner of Runner in the dot com so this is quite a step back but still nice It doesn’t mean anything but makes a nice short brand. You may be the only bidder One of the most popular names in the world

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action As expected the names with the low reserves are getting the most bids. If you trust the auction house, no reserve is a good way to get the best price. Didn’t meet reserve last auction but it pushed through this time. A lot of country property is sold around the world. People like space If you create online ads and promos I think this is a great buy This is a big keyword. I will probably bid on this one if it stays this low Someone bid on this one. Wonder if they’ll get another bite Slots pay the bills at casinos. With U.S. online gambling now legal I think this is a good buy. My opinion only. Don’t trust me. I am just a plant guy that has a few domains Excellent solar name. 25 years old Hickory shafted golf clubs are a big collectable. Would be a good add for a company in the space Taken in 81 other extensions. That’s enough to show the quality “Bring it all together for synergy and better results” Is a surname but its a pretty sounding brand as well I bet we all wish we could some days

Godaddy Domains With Bids One of the most used tools in apps and online. Even a dot net is going to get a big price here Top number of bids on the GD board today. Was quite an adventure The Xs have a pattern and the Chinese market likes patterns I see it as a gambling name and figure the bidders do to Another numeric dot cc doing well and F for Foundation Does anyone trust any company or device to hold their crypto? I don’t. It disappears too easy Another plant related name in the list. Nature’s Neat Check the deck above you. It might not be rain Don’t know what a slotter is? Its one who slots If Draft Kings buys Poker Stars Taken in 8 other extensions Price is for the links and history but still a good name on its own I like it as a marketing or advertising name Has a little juice. Used to be a site for the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee Plenty of application on Android. Obviously need to be aware of trade marks

Godaddy Names with One of NO Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names with Bids

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