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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday June 4th, 2020

There was an argument between two of my friends Andy Booth and Drew Rosener on Twitter that was unpleasant to watch. Unpleasant because the two were good friends and made lots of money for each other but as the premium names get harder to find, they find themselves competing against each other for names.

In a nutshell, Drew thought he had a deal done for a name, the owner didn’t think they did and sold it to Andy. He got mad at Andy but in my opinion it was the owner of the name that was at fault. Andy merely bought a name someone had for sale. Drew thought he had a contract and was pissed at the owner and Andy. And then what Drew does. Unleashes the demons and is relentless.

I really like both men. I could talk to Andy for days. We have a lot in common and in general just get along. Drew is one of the hardest working people I know and his passion is contagious. We compliment each other when we work together and I enjoy being around him. But I get why fights happen. We’re competing for our income when we buy names. Nobody likes to lose a name to someone else. I sure hope the two are able to talk it out but it went a too deep to be a quick make up. I could see this building over the fall as they started bumping heads on names. It was only going to get worse as there are less and less premiums available. Both fishing in the same pond. When the pond was big they didn’t have to cross lines. But they’ve crossed line figuratively and in domain investing.

You can’t put a price on friendship but in this case it seems to be about $6500. Definitely not worth losing a good friend and business partner over. Hopefully some apologies will be offered and they will get past it.

On a completely different note. In the show your kids don’t tell them category. If you follow me on Strava you know I get out on my runs at 4:40 am sometimes. To get in the miles I have to get up at 3:50-4 am to get in the miles before work. My daughter recently joined a new startup bakery/coffee shop and the store wasn’t open so she told them she would run the farmers market for them. The catch. She has to be at the bakery by 4 am to gather the product and get it and set up by the 6 am market open. Not a usual thing for a college student to wake up at 3:30 am to go to work. Usually its staying up until them or going to bed at that time. But she sees me do it all the time and she says “If you can do it every day, I can do it for a few Saturdays” Its a job nobody wants to do so she gets paid well and has job security. Two things college students don’t have right now

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Quote of the Day: Names at Auction or Dropping I don’t think I’ve ever seen a before Last call A perfect use of the dot to ending Just Added DOT CO. Take a look

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action 15 years old. Met reserve because its only a $1. Snacks are shippable 1995 birthday and taken in 25 different extensions It’s no CSSA coming up below but its nice 1998 birthday. Surprised its taken in 16 other extensions. Probably because it was a workout fad at one time Big enough keyword that it could work on a dot org. Pools install are at an all time high Already reached the low end of the reserve Perfect name for video games museum

Godaddy Domains With Bids Good name for news and information. The Times of Israel is already a leading publication so may get some type in. Getting a few nice bids This is as good as a that is an acronym can get. And the price reflects it. We still doing bitcoin names? Something we are all searching for. Nice brand although PerfectMoments would be better Keeping it natural What fitness lover didn’t start their career trying to sell supplements? Memorable brand. Will definitely cross $1000 Transportation or Transvestite . Both can be confusing if you haven’t been there before . Registered in 49 extensions An upgrade name for so many people Sounds like a sportsbook, although Rob probably isn’t the best Strip Club all the way Learn me some religion Speaking of redneck Flows and rhymes. Thats a good thing Items for the smart home and Two nice The next level of coding The perfect name to go on a car or truck. Memorable and tells them exactly what you do. Love it

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  1. In the universe of Drew, there are no other people who should have HIS names. But, in the real world, there ARE other people and sometimes he can’t have every name he wants. Such is life.

    1. Chris,

      I agree but like Michael Jordan thought he should win every game, Drew’s drive is what has made him successful. Like us all, it gets turned to 11 some times

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