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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday October 8th, 2020

This time of year bees are much more aggressive than normal. They are in a frantic hurry to build up honey for the winter. More so than any other time of year. If they see any kind of sugar or pollen they are making a hard rush on it and I tend to stay out the way for the next few weeks. It’s super important not to spill any honey or sugar around a hive this time of year because if a bee from another hive finds it and thinks there is more inside, they will attack the hive for the honey. Its a huge problem in the fall. Hives attacking other hives for their honey.

This morning I went to the hives to take some pictures. Not the greatest time to do that but I was walking past and I always stop and say hi to the bees. I didn’t realize I had something sweet on my face from breakfast because they were on me much more than normal. I usually can go right up to the hive and they leave me alone. Not today. There were a bunch landing on my face and one got caught in my facemask. One got me on the face and one on the ear. The one on the face wasn’t too bad. Stung a little but put some toothpaste on it and it was fine. But the back of the ear. Damn that hurt. The stinger got in there pretty good to the point I had to have a coworker pull it out. And it hurt for hours. Like an ice pick to the brain. Of course I have to wear a mask all day so take something that already hurts and slide a mask on top of it. Loops of the mask hitting it making me shake my head no but nobody’s asking me a question.

Oh but it gets worse. So I get in the skid steer. An enclosed cab and somebody has left a half empty Sprite. I hit it with my knee and out come 25 bees wondering who was fucking with them. I know better than to swat or annoy so I just sit there waiting for them to go. But its fall and all they want is that Sprite. So I throw the can out the window and wait for them to sense the new location. They don’t. They want me. Again fortunately I remain calm ready to take a few more hits for the bee team. 10 minutes later they move on after one of them finds the Sprite. No stings. Just 10 minutes of hassle and me being pissed off at whoever left the drink. If I would have gotten stung I would have brought a staple gun and thrown a few staples in their arm to show them the pain they caused me.

I’ve started a new podcast called Uncomfortable with Shane Cultra. I would normally wait until its fully ready but Kurt has a new book out and it looks like its going to be on the NY Best Sellers list so I wanted to get it out. He’s a podcast guy and had no idea we were even recording video so thus the darkness on his side. But the audio is good which is not always the case in a podcast. I’m learning here. I realize that not many people are going to care but you have to stick with it. That’s been the case with everythign I’ve done. Working for no no readers, listeners, or viewers for a long time. My podcasts will get better and my editing will get better. This is only going to be up a week when I replace it with an actual podcast. Not looking for reviews but if you want to hear Kurt’s interesting story it’s here.

Quote of the Day: “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.”-Anaïs Nin

Domain of the Day: I think I used to own this back in the day. I’d like to own it again Names at Auction or Available for Pickup I am surprised this isn’t used more often than it is. It’s a great way for a quick connect to a website Don’t see many Down with the DMs and Two nice GGs closing today I heard a lot of you love BBC

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Top quality letters and ends in C. $1500 plus final price is my guess 5L and a family name. Good enough Love the brand. Dragons make good brands There’s some money in buying cheap and selling landscape and mowing names for $500 There’s so much hope and excitement in youth Although its the exact opposite of what you’re supposed to say I’m thinking food. You? Not cheap but it can be yours Dev names seems to be doing well Worth the reserve IMO

Godaddy Domains With Bids I see this one going for 5K plus. Micro purchasing is what comes to mind for me. Tap in to the alternative medicine market with one purchase Survival shows are getting better and better. Alive was fantastic Store at the end gives you a discounted price I think most of us married men are in the No Box And this is what she’s thinking Top number of bids on the board today. Are they all coming for the British Gravy? The coming for history alright. Historical links Gambling names only go up in value IMO Time management is the key to success Getting them to say yes. But the price is in the juice, not the name Always surprised how much the Bingo halls bring in I think car when I see this one A secure wallet. Its why you have a wallet in the first place Are they that hard to find? English version for Americans that want to buy property in Korea. Can you own property and not be Korean? I do zero research for you here. Cinco de Mayo all the way A few million Google results says there are people that spell it this way I would never join a group that would let someone like me in. I don’t have to worry here.

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