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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday April 22nd, 2020

As you know I used to be a runner aka clerk at the stock floor. One of my jobs was to run errands for the traders. It really didn’t matter what they asked me to do I pretty much did it. One of my jobs was at lunch was to take $200 each day and run it over to the race track and bet horses. There was one catch. I was more than welcome to be the house. Meaning I could keep the money and not lay down the bet but if it won I had to pay him that amount. I didn’t have the money to cover a loss (a win for him) but every day I wrote down what he bet and the payout and tried to figure out my odds. After a few months I realized that he definitely was losing because the track took a percentage. Meaning if I took the bets eternally I would definitely win. But he bet a trifecta on each bet and if that won I could be screwed. With the money I had if ANYTHING hit in the first few weeks I was screwed. Even more difficult was if it did win he gave me a big tip.

It may seem like there is going to be a story from here but the story is I bet it every single time. I just didn’t have the cash to take the risk. And every time I thought about it he would win a bet which was just enough to remind me how stupid it would be. But it gave me something to think about every day and every day he would say “Did you book it?” I’d say no and he’d call me a pussy. A pretty regular event and one that always made me laugh no matter how many times he said it. It taught me a lot about numbers, risk, money management. It also taught me that traders take care of their clerks. They were all clerks at some time and its like a fraternity. You earn your dues when you first come in and when you finally make it you haze the next group while at the same time having some fun and train them to get to the next level. My lesson here? Doesn’t matter how good the odds are if you don’t have the cash to bail you out of a bad beat.

Quote of the Day:The worst part about being strong is that no one ever asks if you’re ok

Domain of the Day: As good or better of a domain as StitchFix Names at Auction or Dropping Two people put in bids for this one. Someone almost got it on the drop Build out the cancel my subscription please app Not many times you can own the best sport ever created I think eGamers can relate to this one Getting a little action. Ends today

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction We could all use a little relaxation. 18 years old. Closes today and met reserve 6 years. Met reserve so its going to a new home today. Only the greatest car guy in history. He is Ford in Ford vs Ferrari Web or Waves Memorable and good call to action Might as well own the other side 1996 birthday. Surprised there are only 3 bidders This may hit reserve. Love the name but it needs to be under $1500 IMO Met reserve. The ladies names always sell Still my favorite but has some more to go to sell Net bid hits reserve After the above, I think this hits the reserve next Make the best boyfriends

Godaddy Domains With Bids Top number of bids and highest price of the straight domain name. Meaning price not based on backlinks and history, not its sexuality Because Wrigley has sore hips. Look at the price How Bostonians say the last name of Chris Farley A fresh batch of apps “Thhh thhh thhhh Thuma” Name that movie Because everyone has one Bee pollen is so popular even without the e it has value The worst kind of doctor. Dr. Phil Dr. Oz Dr Feelgood This is my favorite value on the list. Says exactly what you do People don’t realize how big the market is for log homes and cabins The noice that’s made when you flick on a dollop of sour cream yet another car finder app or site The next GoodRX Upgrade name for dozens of subdivisions around the world Too generic for me but someone is going to buy it Horticulture name but not really a thing. But nobody knows that except people that know Sounds like it was made up in 2007 probably because it was Registered in 227 extensions. Superheros worth billions Sounds like they would sell on Etsy. 22 years old Sounds legit. Grandpa is going to have great care 10 other monkey bike domain out there in other extensions People are going to try and say this is “pay” but its PeightY. So its just a Great tech name. People love logic Decent made up name

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

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  1. Enjoyed this story Shane – I love doing the math behind odds and grew up going to the track a lot. My best friends family owned and raced horses in NJ and PA. I’ll never forget them putting a horse in that had been injured and hadn’t run for 2 years. His family kept telling me the horse was running really well in practice. When it came race day the horse went off at 95-1. They were betting $20-100 on it so I threw a measly $2 bet on it. The horse won by about 3 lengths. It was a fun/happy car ride home to say the least!

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