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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday April 8th, 2020

I’ve learned a hell of a lot about my nursery this last two weeks. One, I have amazing employees. They’ve done an amazing job of working hard while trying to keep safe. I’ve learned we can do a shit ton of online business. We went from having a few orders a day for pickup, to hundreds. I realize that we’re all quarantined so its how they have to order but they are actually ordering more than we would have sold to people coming in under regular circumstances. Except I have a problem

My staff is not set up to handle the phone and online volume we’re getting. I literally don’t have enough safe space to put people answering phones. So we made it by building little rooms outside that are essentially outside offices. We hired a few extra people and it helped and they are separated. But then we weren’t set up to keep 5 people organized on who answered what email and what stage of the ordering process they were in. Even then the pull and delivery management is rough. We are used to taking delivery orders but not at 100X level and coming in from every form of social media and online.

The gardening questions are a whole other level. There literally is nowhere to get personal questions answered so they call us. All day, every day. We have 3 phone lines and they have been busy for 2 weeks. As soon as one opens there is another one to fill it. Its not as easy as hiring someone to do the job because answering questions takes years of experience and I literally have nowhere else to put them and can’t really transfer a line to them at home. I’m sure there is a way but I haven’t set it up.

Each and every day I have a list of things I need to conquer. Things that will make my business safer for staff and customers, efficient in the process, and changes that are long term, not band aids. It’s all I do. So far it’s been great. Each day we solve a few. Yesterday we had a dozen people work 12 hour days to get caught up and group think some issues. It’s not your quarantine at home doing tik tok videos. Its 12 people spread over 25 acres wearing masks and a mask sun tan which is a new thing, covered in dirt, thinking and solving. We can’t see the smiles other than in the eyes. The same place you can see the tired. But even in the exhaustion you can see the excitement of success because they want to stay late to make things good. They are asking if they can come in at 6 am and prep for the day. I realize this is what a startup looks like. Except our startup is 155 years old. Its just a new start and things are looking up despite the worlds circumstances.

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Domain of the Day: Ultimate gaming name. And gaming is peaking right now

Quote of the Day:A healthy man has many wishes, a sick man only one.” – Indian proverb Names at Auction or Dropping Love this one for a delivery service Sounds aggressive and encompassing CBD Oil in pretty much any extension has some value So you had to be a big…shot…..don’t ….ya Prounounceable LLL have gone for a little more that regular

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction Closes today. 24 years old, met reserve and great buildout potential for entrepreneurial Mom Gym or pill. Met reserve and ending today. Pump…you…up 24 years old but registered in only 8 extensions which is a bit low for such an old TLD Strong enough to take the dot net to a good four figure price Taken in 32 other extensions. 22 years old I think there is a business model in selling single seats. Some people don’t mind going to sports or concerts alone Who doesn’t love cookies? Especially special cookies I think its worth at least $69 Sounds like an 80s surf movie If you can do it, promote it Met reserve at $600. Glad to see it sell ……is hot 76 bidders shows this has a lot of companies that would benefit from an upgrade

Godaddy Domains With Bids Thinking now is a good time to sell. So I put it up for auction Pretty much everyone in California would love to have this one Most bids on the Godaddy list. And sounds kind of nice right now. Of course I’ve spend the last 12 with a facemark and distancing 22 years old and registered in 15 other extensions This used to be the name of my original company. Changed it to Rocket Donkey Media. Maybe I should go back. Sounds more professional but they definitely remember the donkey Obvious usage for coding. Has some backlinks as a bonus. 23 years old and registered in 28 extensions Look for it every day but don’t find it every day Kids books People will think I would want this. I don’t like labels Great name for a makeup line. They always have crazy names like this one Great letters. N for network Most people don’t make it here. They are spending too much time on buying street heel to nails Single Mom Power Triple two is the draw One of Cyger’s million different businesses Much better than

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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