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My friends think I obsess over data. Especially health data. What they don’t understand is I use the data a bit differently than most people. I also use my gut feeling first. Take health data. I know when I feel good. That is a personal feeling that isn’t measurable. I know when I feel rested. Sharp. Pain-free. But what I don’t know is what that means in numbers. For running, how fast is that? For my body, what does feel good mean in heart rate, blood pressure, weight, HRV, sleep time, etc. I can’t improve on things if I don’t have a baseline to compare it to. I know the goal. To feel good. What I am looking for is what is the data that keeps me feeling good. That is why I am always experimenting with gadgets. Gadgets that gather data without making me uncomfortable. Gathering sleep data with a watch doesn’t work for me. It’s uncomfortable and the light shines in my eyes when I sleep on my arms. But the Oura ring is fairly comfortable and gathers a ton of data, temperature, breathing, HRV, tons of different sleep stats. With all that data I now can look at days that I don’t feel good or get tired quickly and see if I can find out why.

I talk to a ton of people that say that much data is just too much. Makes them anxious. I get it but that’s a personality thing. They are anxious people. They are treating their sleep data like a test. That if they get a bad sleep score then their day is ruined. That’s not how data works. It’s not absolute. It certainly becomes consistent with a lot of data gathering but in no way does it bother me if I don’t get a good night’s sleep. I think we all know the ramifications of not getting good sleep for several days in a row. What we don’t know is how much sleep YOU need vs Me. How many days in a row can’t I get a bad nights sleep without it taking a toll on my productivity and mental clarity? We are all different. I’ve toyed with that for years. I know that I need 1.5 hrs of deep sleep and 1.5 hrs of REM sleep to feel the best. Do I get it every night? Not even close. But that’s a goal. How do I accomplish that goal? I have my methods. I only know all this because of the comparison of feels good aka my gut and overall greatness of the day, vs the body and sleep data.

After all this, am I better or will I live longer? I can guarantee I am better. Because I am cognizant of health issues way before they get worse. I am cognizant of what I need to eat and get to bed. That can’t be bad. That can’t hurt. I definitely can’t guarantee I’ll live longer. Too many other factors there. But I can guarantee I have a better chance of feeling good tomorrow the way I’m doing it. And isn’t that the goal of life? To be better tomorrow. To feel better tomorrow. Fuck the million-dollar deal. I’ll give you that money to guarantee me that tomorrow and each day I’ll be better than I was yesterday. Of course, that can’t be guaranteed so I’m going to take the money and put in the work and study the data to try and feel my best.

Quote of the Day:I believe depression is legitimate. But I also believe that if you don’t exercise, eat nutritious food, get sunlight, consume positive material, surround yourself with support, then you aren’t giving yourself a fighting chance.” – Jim Carrey

Domain of the Day: Somebody needs to give some competition to DocuSign. Top price and number of bids on the Godaddy board today

Remember to click the links to see the current prices and if you are going to pay for a name do it while visiting It pays for the gas to run the ship. Names at Auction or Available for Pickup Not a lot of come up for auction dot co is killing it lately. Sedo’s weekly charts usually have a few dot co in them You know I like Hort names. I mean I LOVE hort names A bit generic but I think it makes a good brand Sounds like a word the gamers would like eSports gambling is a thing or will soon be. I can already see people throwing games just like the Jai-Alai matches in Miami

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action Instant divorce. 21 years old. Met reserve under $200 Its where many want to go. 15 years old and met reserve It’s not cheap but its a heck of a name coming up in auction Reserve under $100 Closes today. Going to cost you a few pounds California driver . 20 years old. No bids. Expiry name Its what marketing companies do. Not domain investors Randall is a rich person’s name. Randy. Not so much There are plenty of these out there 19 years old. Taken in 18 extensions. And a 5L I won’t comment as I may say something that shows I know too much about this subject Upgrade name for quite a few companies

Godaddy Domains With Bids Actually this is the top price on the board. Diet backlinks. I think I may be on this diet Another history and link buy here. She sounds fun You should want to be long all good keyword + energy names Cognitive is the hot new brand keyword Taken in 28 extensions and 22 years old. Japanese origin Some will see this as a food name but it really means getting in front of important people Has a bioengineering sound to it Life insurance lead gen all the way. Good CPC Sounds like a knife set they sell on TV It’s kind of pronounceable. If you want it to be Rack city chick, rack rack city chic Three good LLLL.coms today The super short dot cc seem to be holding some value I have no idea why but its taken in 38 extensions Works as a good lead gen name. And people don’t get real picky when they are desperate which offsets the dot org IMO Because startups are all about disruption and other buzzwords I would name my company this if I sold windows Something to do with water I own Jukio and get a few bids a year for $500 Sounds fun I think the next few years will be all about friends and family again . Right now its about making your home life nicer

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