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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday March 25th, 2020

I haven’t been buying many names lately. Like everyone, keeping my powder dry if a good deal comes around and just in general keeping some cash around if things get worse. But I did buy a name. MarbleRacing dot com. Although I’m 50 I have to admit I found myself watching Marble racing on Jelle’s Marbula One circuit. I saw the name for sale on Huge Domains and it had a payment plan. A plan that has no interest and can be divided up to 24 months. So for $100 a month I get two years to try and sell the name. It really is such a smart move on their part and a great opportunity for self financing for a domain investor if they find what they think is a great priced domain. This isn’t a commercial for Huge Domains its a commercial for the business model. It certainly worked.

As for the domain. I am fortunate to be on the Michael Cyger business advisor plan. Its simple. For $10K a month you get one hour of his time to discuss anything you want in the domain world. I used my hour on Marble Racing. We went over all kinds of metrics and trends. They came out low but the trends pointed super high. Something you’re looking for if you are trying to catch something early. I have no idea if Marble Racing will a new betting sport but I really think I got my $10K worth with his insight. It’s the least I could do since he’s signed up for my $11K a month running program.

Domain of the Day: Big boy (girl) name. So important and so relevant. Not sure as a brand but a great concept name

Quote of the Day: Names at Auction or Dropping Reaching the elusive$2K mark Pretty big desert and an awesome brand I don’t know about the future of .gg but if it takes off the people that are getting these killer generics will do well I can see gamers liking this one Sounds like an app ready to go Works with .ly as well as any word

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction The plural sold for $4K not that long ago 23 years old and registered in 28 other extensions Short and fly 21 years old No reserve and kinda pronounceable 16 years old and registered in 10 other extensions. Upgrade name for a dozen or so companies One of the few times a is going to go for more than the same

Sedo’s Auction starts today

Godaddy Domains With Bids Top tier letters. C for Cultra Because remember, Z is much cooler than S Going to need a one porta potty per person at this fest Help them see the light These are returning back to the value of zip codes Godaddy loves this one. Has it at $9K, bidders? A few hundred dollars Triple repeaters have held better than any other numeric category Low in value, high in availability of content This is prime time for survivalist and preppers A comic book character but could be quite a few other things. Net discount Great name for a language learning site. and dot org doesn’t kill it IMO printing names died with the 3d printing names but they still have value. People are printing more than ever You could add some zeros if you subtracted the “ized” I’m long coffee names. I don’t see coffee peaking anytime soon A market for anything that starts in F. Flower, financial, food, fish, friend A last name so it will be a brand as well. Registered in 11 other extensions May be the best value on the list. Good two word name for under $100 at press time My guess is a lot of Vegan said “fuck it” and are eating chicken now. Too much hassle for a lot of people. I know I was pescatarian and added turkey and chicken. Still no red meat for a decade This is worth more to me than the current price Sounds fun Love it as a memorable craft site or kids name Also known as canna

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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9 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday March 25th, 2020”

  1. I still haven’t run a sub-two hour marathon like you promised, but you got one hell of a domain name. 🤣

    For anyone who hasn’t heard of it (like me a few days ago), go to YouTube and type in “marble racing”.

    Not only did I think it was interesting, but my wife watched about three races with me. And I haven’t even showed it to my two sons. is a fun video to watch. Then we watched on a track, then one under water, then one where they have to do feats of strength.

    1. Michael,

      Keep training, that sub two will be coming as soon as the new Nike Super Alpha 99% shoes come out. The last race on Sunday they even
      had odds and betting. Since its pure chance it does make a good gambling sport as long as there’s no funny business in the marbles. Which there will be if it becomes popular

  2. Michael- the youtube link was hilarious- and quite entertaining- love the play by play! Just waiting for them to interview the winning marble!

    Shane- could be a great name- especially in this era of no sports- and I can totally see people betting on it.

    Of course, I could just be losing my marbles…


  3. Interviewer: “Great finish, how did it feel out there?”

    Marble: (out of breath) “Yeah… It was (cough) little tough going, but…I… Started feeling it around the 40 second mark… Picked up some wind and just decided… Just decided to really drive it home.”

    Interviewer: “Congratulations and good luck in the next race.”

    (Marble just sits there)

    Seriously, though – these courses are phenomenal.

  4. Huge Domains and other sites that offer installment plans- don’t allow listing domains for sale while they’re still being paid for. I looked into it awhile back. They probably have better things to do than monitor it, but just be aware.

    “Buyer shall not give, bargain, sell, assign, sub-let or otherwise dispose of their responsibilities and
    covenants under this Agreement or any part thereof without the prior consent in writing from
    HugeDomains. After completion of this Purchase Agreement as defined in Section “Payment / Transfer Process”,
    Buyer will be allowed to reassign, sell, sublet and do anything they wish with said Domain Name
    without requiring approval from HugeDomains.

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