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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday November 14th, 2018

Will get renewed?  According to readers of DSAD,  the owner of that and other Compare domains that recently expired and went through the auction process is playing a game at Tucows.  He lets his name expire, lets it go to auction, and then tries to sell it based on where it went at auction. for instance went for $16,750 at a recent expiry auction at Godaddy. (Godaddy sells Tucows expiring domain inventory for them).  At one point the seller had a BIN of $15,500.  That’s since been removed and I imagine it will come back up a little more.  Godaddy has been trying to stop this practice for years and has cut it down extensively on their platform and I imagine they’ll cut it out on Tucows’ as well.   On one hand you have to give domain owners a fair chance to renew.  On the other hand you don’t want to piss off domain investors that are throwing down $16K on domains and waste their time.  My guess is the name gets picked up because Ken, the person that pointed it out, is hardly ever wrong. Here are today’s names.  Click through to see the current price


Quote of the Day:   Was it a bad day? Or was it a bad five minutes that you milked all day?”

 Domain of the Day:      Last name, city, and big money brand

Namejet and Sedo Names and Others   I think it sells with the reserve at this reasonable number.  Someone is going to own a  nice new CVCV   Another nice one here with 4 good letters.  Again should meet reserve.    Estibot doesn’t like this one but you know I do  One of those names I went in hoping there was one or just a few bids and then I went to the auction.  65  this sound 100% like a 90s name.  And it is   Don’t fall for it.  You’re going to be a cam model

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   The price is going to get high because of the cryptocurrency, not the water movement Was a popular LGBT paper in Chicago that went out of business in 2010. Get it rolling again.  Price shows its more than just a pretty 5L.  Botta is a surname and a designer’s name as well.   Memorable and short.  That’s all you need to give a name value  Sounds like a name made up byElon Musk  Chinese name and like all Chinese names, price is sky high   Ditto.   Might as well buy all the Chinese names today Top number of bids on the GD board at press time  What everyone wants to be.  Help them get there   Rolls off the tongue.  Might want to buy Streeo if you’re going to build out  HQ for headquarters  Early money has the highest risks and the best returns   Positive name.  Not as fun as Live Leak   All CVCV, especially expiring, have great value right now     People are going to throw ass at the end of this one   I’m surprised how many CBD oil names expired and then again when I saw that they got some pretty good bids Godaddy values this at $5400 .  Bidders at $60  Some times you just need to do a hard restart  Become the king with one simple purchase

Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids The name of the shipping system used at Posh Mark. But could also be its own entity Nice brand. Short, double O words make good brands in my opinion. Don’t buy based on it. Just making a statement  Another one but not doing quite as well TopShop is a big clothing brand. This could be a “buy me a coffee” type brand The net and the org also up for sale. Moms run the world  People have been selling tip sheets for centuries. Will continue just in digital form  Worst celeb site EVER There is a company called Bikeep that makes commercial bike racks and mounts.   Probably because they couldn’t get this one at the time  When a stampede turns into a rampage  The fastest kind of run but I think this makes a good brand. No bids  One bid at $12  Upgrade name for a handful of companies   I think broom when I see this brand.  That’s all I got.  Broom all the way  Not sure there’s any value here but loyalty programs are big business  Corn and dick I bet somebody will want to brag for a few hundred dollars  Many want to go solar.  They just don’t know real cost or how to go about it.   Consultants can fill this void  Sounds like an Asian restaurant

The Rest of the Names With Bids

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