Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday November 7th, 2018

A big congratulations to Michael Cyger and Richard Dynas on their two latest sales.   Michael sold to the Buy Me a Coffee guys.  And Richard sold Birdsnest to an Australian company that shared the name and wanted an upgrade.   Both sold their names through hustle.   Richard hustled so much I told him that I didn’t want to hear about Birdsnest again.   I had heard him talk about and push the name so much in the last few months that I was sick of it.   And yet he persevered. on the other hand was eventually going to sell for big bucks either way.  Nice to see it sell sooner than later.   And it sounds like Michael got some action in the deal as well.

On another note.  I am sooooooo happy the elections are over.  Every single ad buy on all forms of media were people running for office.  All bashing each other and saying every nasty thing they could think about their opposing candidate. Even had a commercial in our state that literally said if you vote for this guy “You’re fucked”.  They bleeped out the F part. And despite every single ad that played there wasn’t one person I asked that could tell me one thing that a candidate represented.   It was democrat or republican and that was it.  Pretty scary stuff.  Like gang warfare. You pick a team and try and kill the other.   Either way, I was happy to see so many people voting and exercising their right and their duty.   I put my sticker on my computer like I do the rest of my stickers.  Didn’t really think it was worth posting a selfie.  My face ruins a good sticker. Here are today’s names.  Click through to see the current price


Quote of the Day:  “Someone else is happy with a lot less than what you have” 

 Domain of the Day:    Easily the domain of the day today.   One of the better CVCV in a while


 Namejet and Sedo Names and Others  My auction closes today if anyone is interested today   No reserve.   At $230 at press time.  Magnet Driven Growing Rods is probably the driver.  Just kidding    Solid marketing for someone in the business. Fancy word for stylist   I think we all need one sometimes.  I actually had one.  Despite what many said, I do officially have a brain  One of those types of names that sits there a while and then gets hit on Afternic out of the blue.  Not advice to buy.  Just saying I see it as a good AI name.   No bids at $69.  A lot cheaper than  One bid on this fitness/health related name.  No reserve    Good looking brand.  Would make a good medicine name  Has a reserve but love the outdoorsy sound of this  Memorable online station name.  F for Football or Futball   Camo for women

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids   I bet this hits $2K plus by the end.  At $400 now.  Strong food brand   When it all comes down to it the two things people care about are money and health   Great name for kids stuff   Another home search site.  Why not?    Tiger is kind of cheesy but people still use it in branding all the time   Backup name all the way   Upgrade name for a few profitable companies   It starts with one truck     Two popular words in branding     Evidently there is Energy involved here too


Godaddy Domains With One or No Bids  At $2K at press time. I thought malls were dying until I went to Destiny USA  The singular sold for $368 when we listed and tracked it in Sept  Maybe for $12.  Short enough to consider I’m not even sure what it would be but for $12 it might be worth waiting to find out One bidder.  Right River with paddles  Sounds like an E! Entertainment Television with no bids  If Colorado starts taking sports bets  A good way to personalize over the internet medicine with the .me.  No bids  10 Escrow names have sold at auction with the lowest at $100.  I think this hits that…maybe  fails the radio test but I still think its a good add at $12  Freshness sold here

The Rest of the Names With Bids

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Domain of the Day:



3 Replies to “Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday November 7th, 2018”

  1. Shane, you’re right about the elections. Glad they’re over! Hope they can stop fighting, work together, and get S*** done!

  2. Not fair – I didn’t push it anymore than anyone else. Twitter and LinkedIn plus a ton out outbound which nobody saw.
    I hustle to sell. I can’t afford to sit and hold like you big boys 🙂
    I can only afford a couple of big $ domains at once – on to!

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