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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday September 12th , 2018


I hate losing a deal over a $300 but I lost one yesterday over exactly that amount.  I had an offer for $3500 from a broker at eName.  I told them I wanted $5500.  I do think it will be worth more down the road but you can say that about all domains .   They countered with $3700 and pay fees.  I said no.  After thinking about it I decided that I would take $4K and they pay fees.  I wanted to get my account built back up for a purchase and figured this was a decent return and would cash out.    But they held steady at $3700 and said that was final offer.   My $4000 was also my final offer so we canceled the negotiation.  The name was

What’s $300?  In this case I was on the fence on whether to sell.  I had mentioned that I was going to auction some names including that one at Namejet but I decided to do what I have done the last year and just wait.  I was immediately vindicated when the offer came in on Z95.  “See, that’s why you wait” was my thought.   I have no desire to sell any of my names like this for less than $5k so I was already taking the 20% off what I wanted.   I justified it to myself by saying that’s how much they would take off if I  sold it on afternic or somewhere that charges a commission (yes I know its less many places).  To take it less than that would be below my number.  So I passed.  Maybe I regret it later, maybe I sell it for more.  And honestly I thought they would have taken the $4K.  They too were probably on the fence and I’m sure the broker was charging them a buyers fee on top.  Of course I’ll post here when I do finally sell it and see if my passing was a good idea or not.   Here are today’s names. Click through to see the current price


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 Domain of the Day:  

 Namejet and Sedo Names   23 bids.   Perfect name for an like site.  22 years old.  $36,000 Estibot

Sedo’s Crypto Auction starts tomorrow. Here is a sneak preview of all the names  Met reserve at under $16K  Too generic for me but I know some will like it  I almost bought this one on Namepros.  Liked that it ended in C.   Be curious to see if my valuation was right.  Minus commission that is and the fact I’m promoting it  Met reserve at $91  Dozens of places around the world called this.  One in Abu Dahbi  The LLLL ending in A have been doing very well lately.   The is an expiry name so no reserve  I like this one even more

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  Top price and number of bids on the board.  I’m sure they are asking 3 times this price for   Already a pretty popular Massively multiplayer online role-playing game.    1998 birthday which is way before the game  Sounds like a fitness app or website   Plenty of tragedies in the world to give this big value.  Solid marketing name if you offer this service   Look at this price and think how much the singular would be worth     Sports gambling name ready and waiting  Sounds like a name that’s a combination of everything in the Mall   Don’t just run….rzun   Because you know tens of thousands of people type exactly this into Google   Google shows dozens of companies named Marrick  4 isn’t slowing it down because its before an 8  Sounds like a sports drink or a some supplement of some type   Godaddy likes this one.  Has it valued at $4500    5L getting a few bids over $100


Godaddy Domains With No Bids  My name.  Trying to raise a little cash.  I have a pretty good reserve on it but I have received some pretty good offers for it in the last year.  Only one bidder at $12.  I would think this would be worth more than a case of beer  another canna name  ZERO bids on the this   Wow, dot me really has fallen for this not to get a bid  Another one!!!!   We make the best music  I usually don’t like com before com but Merchant services is a multi billion dollar industry  Like it although I would like tycanna better  upgrade name for several island spas that share the name  I don’t like names that require directory buildouts but this one is cheap and lets you know exactly what their going to get on site  5L with no bids.  Bow like bow and arrow or hair  In case you only have $12 and can’t buy UrbanOutdoors  Good marketing name for a bicycle company or sports equipment.  No bids  Already a few things called this but evidently one didn’t quite make it


OTHER Godaddy Domains With Bids

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