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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wenesday April 1st, 2020

I don’t watch the TV and I’m going less on Twitter. COVID news first thing after coming home from a hard days working has become too much. Same with the tweets of videos of everyone having fun at home. I feel like people are treating this like vacation. I guess I should look at the positive and be thankful people are staying home and being healthy. It’s where you should be if that’s your safest place. But I find none of this funny. It’s real and its life changing.

There are a shit ton of people out of jobs. And its only going to increase. There are going to be a lot of business that close. Some that have been around for decades. Add in that the productivity of people working from home is horrible and I think the economy is fucked.

My wife and I are dealing with the lack of productivity with people working at home. If you work from home for a living then you’ve gotten into a routine. You’ve figured out what distracts you and what keeps you motivated. The new work at home people haven’t. They aren’t in their element and get too distracted too easily being at home. Add in many have their kids to take care of as well. I realize this is life and death so productivity is not at the top of the list but part of life and death is life. There are going to be millions that live but their life will be gone.

My routine is also definitely jacked up. I am barely running because I’m working so much. Trying to pivot an entire way of doing business is crazy difficult. Its new staffing, new technology, new procedures. And we’re so busy. I’m just not equipped to handle the amount of emails we now get. All the people I talked about at home want to talk gardening. They used to come out and enjoy the nursery and ask them. Now they ask via email. The questions are for a knowledgeable person. Unfortunately my experienced people are old. Trying to get them to answer emails isn’t working. They are men and women that are so personable and so good but they just got smart phones. Its a learning curve to moving them into an office to answer emails. And guess what, office closed. I’m supposed to set up their email at home. That was hard enough, now I’m about to explain BC and BCC. This is going to get ugly

I know it comes across like I’m upset. I actually smile just as much every day as I always have. Now is an opportunity for me to be a leader and show people the way. I know that there is going to be a time soon where we can hug someone and shake a hand. But none of that happens if we all stop thinking this is just a little getaway in the house and we can soon come out and get back to normal. It’s not going to work like that. You’re going to have a few friends and relatives die. You may get sick yourself. Some domain investors or those in the industry already have. Time, change, and technology will “fix” all this but its going to hurt. And until that I guess we’ll just have to get along watching Tik Tok videos.

Domain of the Day: Pretty good name for $12. No bidders

Quote of the Day:No amount of anxiety makes any difference to anything that’s going to happen”. – Alan Watts Names at Auction or Dropping As in phones or biology You don’t see brandables in dot io sell very often but I like this one Backup your gameplay there’s more chat than play some times There’s not bigger moment where budget is thrown out the window

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Auction Pretty good 5L for $69. Has no bids A last name so eventually a brand Love this one. Sound nice but not expensive 24 years old. I think the dash works here. Registered in 54 other extensions A cheaper version of Decor but you’re going to have a big radio test. “No DUcor not DAYcor” Registered in 39 other extensions. A crowded field but a strong name for the job market it IS a valid scrabble word so 1999 birthday. Short and registered in 14 other extensions Top number of bids on the Sedo Great Domains auction And the top price and But I think these are the best two

Godaddy Domains With Bids Top number of bids on the list today… far I don’t usually do “I” names but online classrooms are peaking In this case you want to get caught up in it Sounds like independent film to me I like this types of short meaningless brands the CN at the end is driving up the price patterns=cash Memorable and easy to spell I’m sure they make wine Great name for a mattress company. Of course they’re going to have to upgrade to Recover which is going to be tough People don’t want to know who they are, they want to know how they made their money Knock of a Happy Meal Godaddy has this valued at $5K, bidders $125 Haven’t seen a up for auction in a while. We’ll get a new wholesale value today. So exciting

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids

The Rest of the Godaddy Names With Bids

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