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Thursday’s Edition of Daily Domain Drops

Picked up my first name yesterday in quite a while.  I’ve been in a ton of auctions but hadn’t been the final bidder on any of them.  I am being a little more picky as I am trying to save $10K to pick up a certain name.  I’m only spending money on things that will cash flow itself., .net, org    $26,000 on the dot com and quite a set here. When marijuana becomes legal this is going to be better than freeipad Your niche is right in front of you. 10,000 searches and a .$73 CPC.  As a resident of central IL I know how popular these things are I love 4L dot coms that are one syllable.  This will go for over $1000 set up a nice site, you could do the same

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5 Replies to “Thursday’s Edition of Daily Domain Drops”

  1. When marijuana becomes legal you can bet it won’t be free or be allowed to be given away free.

    The Gov’t will control and tax it just like gambling. They want to make the money and make sure nobody else does.

    I’m not so sure about BMW and Indian Motorcycles as those are TM domains. I’d never buy those b/c of the risk.

    I really like except GD says Zero Uniques per month, but a great domain anyhow.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a while and never realized we were neighbors…I’m in Bloomington (Normal actually). Haha it’s a small world.

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