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Everyone who is a daily fan (or content contributor) is curious of the details of the recent sale of   Everyone I asked to see what they think only had one guess as to who had the capital or the desire to own and run   Frank Schilling and Uniregistry.

Turns out they are not the buyers and never even reached out with any interest.  I talked to two people at the conference that did have an interest but they both had two fears.  One, that the price was too high to get a return.  Two, that the content creators could go and form their competing site. I think neither are a real fear as could be monetized even better than it is.  And I think Francois would agree.  The language barrier has been very tough and a lot of energy has been expended to keep the brand strong.  To the point of making a few enemies along the way. A new owner may be able to open those channels and add some new life to the monetization abilities.  As far as content creators.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but the amount of traffic received from has been a fair trade for utilizing the content.  There are many sites that scrape the site but send no traffic. Those are sites I want to see close.  They don’t send any traffic yet they duplicate the first few paragraphs of everything we write.

I tried to squeeze and blackmail the name of the new owner of but got nothing. He only said that it wasn’t purchased by my first three guesses.  Frank Schilling, Chef Patrick, or BullS.  All kidding aside I’m guessing the new owner is either Braden Pollock ( I guess I could just call and find out here but haven’t) , Luc Lezon (although he already told me he reached out but it was too expensive),  or Mike Mann (if he buys it, it will be interesting).



Domain Spotlight:

25 Replies to “ Will NOT Be Purchased By Uniregistry”

  1. Did you guys ever consider collectively owning it? Of course not everyone on the feed, but a handful of you guys. That would have been cool. I will say this, not a huge fan of those feeder articles that are muckin’ it up 😉 lol.

  2. Shane, it wasn’t me, although I would love to buy it if we had the cash available. Also, typo on my last name, “Lezon” is the correct spelling. It was great seeing you in Vegas man. Look forward to watching you on DS 🙂

    1. Sorry about that Luc. Not sure where the N came from. Next time you need a few million let me know and I’ll take a look in my shoebox. I might be able to help

  3. Shane,

    I couldn’t help myself when I saw Mike saying “I bet it’s…” So I quoted directly from ScarFace. 🙂 I thought that maybe you would pick it up. lol
    On a serious note: I would like to know the price, and the buyer. Interesting to see it being sold.

  4. Mike,

    And knowing how domainers tend to allow room for negotiation from their buy now prices, chances are that it may have sold for less than his asking price.

    So I’ll bet it was 6 figs.

  5. Thanks a lot for the post Shane.

    I expect to make an official announcement probably at the end of next week (not Monday as I read on some sites).

    It’s true that has a huge growing potential, I am a developer, not a marketer, I have done my best from my grotta in France, it’s time to move it to profesional hands so I can focus on my next venture.

  6. Francois has reached out to me several times over the last couple of years about selling me the site. While it certainly could be monetized better, the asking price is still way too high.

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