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If you haven’t heard about, it started as a fun joke and then exploded.  It has been featured on almost every major online outlet and received 2.5 million visits last month.  Rather than try and actually send out glitter, the owner has decided to sell it on Flippa.  And a ton of people want to buy it.

It’s already been bid up to $60,000 which at this point is a steal as the owner received 2,000 orders at $10 a piece despite the fact he suspended taking order as soon as it became viral because he couldn’t keep up with orders.  But that price isn’t going to stay because he has 292 bids waiting for him to approve.  And it’s not like he’s skipped approval.  It’s gotten even more press now that it’s for sale.  Going to be interesting to see how high this one goes with 6 days still left.

Domain Spotlight:

5 Replies to “ is For Sale and Gone Viral at Flippa: Has 292 Pending Bids. Yes 292”

  1. Not going to end well for Flippa.. you just know those bids are full of junk bidders and sorting to the legit bids will be near impossible

  2. @ Koosah ~ Our Websites Team is manually monitoring the bidding process. All bids are verified.

    @ Mike ~ The Super Seller status is denoted to ensure buyers that this seller is legitimate and that all information therein has been verified.

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