’s Domainer Newsletter Sales List Final Results

Jan 23 2012

We ( I say we but it was mostly Francois) released the final numbers from the past weeks’ domainer newsletter sale.  The numbers weren’t great but $21,000 and 9 names isn’t too bad for a first time.  For me it was a learning process but I certainly feel that I have a stronger grasp on putting together a domain name sales list.  Something I plan on doing at some point in the future.  There is always opportunity for improvement and will take all the comments and recommendations with us in our next attempt.  Here are the names.  Each blogger that participated received a little over a $100.  For many that was a good return for just putting up one announcement of the sale.   For some they had to blow the dust of the blog to do it.  🙂

The domains that sold were as follows:

  • … $7,000
  • … $3,900
  • … $3,000
  • … $3,000
  • … $899
  • … $1,600
  • … $750
  • … $390
  • … $250
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  1. Jeff

    You should be lucky the names went for as much as they did. I’m surprised they are even worth that much. $750 really? 😛

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