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These Business Domains are in Need of an Upgrade

Good morning. I know it’s Tuesday but I hope you all had a good weekend. I’m sorry I didn’t have much to contribute yesterday but I spent my Monday recovering from a little game I invented called “Do a shot every time my Detroit Lions score” and I picked one hell of a Sunday to start playing that.

My post today marks what will hopefully be a weekly tradition around here.  It is very similar to my article I posted not long ago. I’m simply going to call out some domains that could use upgrading and then provide what I feel is an option or two that is not only better but available for purchase. Without further ado, here is my first list.


Upgrade: ($5k offer Afternic)

These domains belong to two companies in the Dallas area fighting for some 24 hour plumbing traffic. One is a .org, which doesn’t make sense, and one contains the term plumbing plumber, which doesn’t make sense. Judging by the professionalism of their sites, I’m not sure if either of them would quite grasp the concept of a domain upgrade, although one does have one of those talking models and I know those cost at least a couple hundred bucks. Did you know they offer those with naked women now as well?


Upgrade: ($?????)

Back to the show Storm Chasers for this one. Reed and his gang from the show have done a better job than anyone at branding a .net. They are the #1 Google search for tornado videos and they no doubt receive a ton of traffic due to the advertising they get from the show. However, the keywords Tornado Videos get 27,000 exact searches a month and because of this I have to believe that they’re missing out on a ton of type-in traffic. is for sale through and because of that I don’t have a figure. The domain won’t be cheap but as a business investment I think Reed and the boys from TVN could do worse than this domain upgrade.

Domain: Any mattress company called Mattress Connection that has a domain different than

Upgrade: ($6,400 Godaddy Premium Domains)

Google Mattress Connection and you’ll find at least 10 different companies in 30 different cities across the US. Domains for these companies range from & .org to, and some I couldn’t even find a website for. Upgrade to and you’re sure to get a few extra people in the door…and really, how many sold mattresses would it take to pay this domain name off?


Upgrade: ($?????)

You’ve undoubtedly seen the television advertisements by now, and if you’re like me you’re undoubtedly annoyed. At least here in my town, these ads are running day and night. This new energy drink company is shelling out a ton for advertising. My only beef? If I’m actually so inclined to try to find some info on your product despite your ad just playing on my tv for the 65th time during the Roast of Charlie Sheen, don’t make me work for it. I typed in, and its being parked at Afternic. There technically is no for sale link on the page, but every domain has a price.


Upgrade: Anything else is the official convention and visitors site for Philadelphia. Are you kidding me? Nobody is visiting Philadelphia and it’s not because of the dozens of reasons you’d think of. It’s because nobody will ever type in .travel.  (dot)Travel is proof to me that the (dot)brand will never overtake (dot)com’s. Upgrade options for this…,, and ($8).

I nor Shane are in any way associated with any domains listed in this post. The recommendation of any domains has not led to any compensation whatsoever, much to my shagrin chagrin.

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  1. Lions will probably go 12-4 this year. When Fairley comes in it will be even better. Bring our man Sanders back out of retirement. Could probably elude half of the front line. If you where a Dallas fan I would have stop reading your blog. lol


  2. I think the next 2 weeks will determine how good we are. If we go 4-0 then I say we easily make the playoffs. And you’re right, Fairley isn’t even playing yet…watch out.

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