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DomainShane/Accidental Domainer Looking for “Who Bought What” Writer

Do you like to research who bought the names that recently sold? Do you follow and research who bought certain names at NameJet, SnapNames, and (perhaps) even GoDaddy auctions?

Do you also enjoy writing?

DSAC formerly known as DomainShane is seeking someone to write a bi-weekly “Who Bought What” article that covers both recent sales and those that purchased them. The article will be more than a list of domains with who and how much.

The best candidate will be someone who can regularly write and put out an article twice a week and you’ll need to keep up with sales and do some research using the best research tool out there…
Please contact me at shane (at)  if you’re interested. Include a bit about your background if I don’t already personally know you. Remuneration aka payment options are flexible.

Domain Spotlight:

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