DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Auction Picks: Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Nov 08 2015

If you didn’t read Elliot’s post on yesterday you should.  I thought it was a great, honest, piece. We all want to try and understand things before we invest our hard earned money.  It’s what keeps us profitable and more importantly, not broke. I have always understood the Chinese market.  I just wish I didn’t flip the names and would have just held them.  The Chinese market has built my portfolio, paid my bills, and gotten me here.  People still pay $5000 for older Star Wars figures on original cards.  Some because they like Star Wars.  Partly because they think it will be worth more later.  The feeling that it will be worth more later is a driving force.  You need someone behind it to keep that idea going.  China has billions to keep that going for many years to come.  When we say 6 numbers have one million possibilities they say “Only one million?”  We have billions of people.   You get my point.  I never question demand.  I try and measure it. How much is there and how deep and long will it go.  I do that for a living with plants.  I have to plan and plant plants 3 years in advance. Guessing the demand, the market.  Sometimes I know why the want something, other times I don’t understand why they want one vs another.  But I do know what they demand is.  I feel I have a good grasp on what’s in demand.  And I talk about it every day with people smarter and bigger domain investors than me to help my guidance.

On another note. I ran a 1:27:04 half marathon.  6:39 pace for the 13 miles.  It was a new personal record for me by over 2 minutes.  I am running real well right now.  I think the Chinese are the reason. Here are today’s names. Click for current prices.

.  These are moving up now that they are sold out  One more.  15 years old.
.  No thanks.  No bidders for some reason
.  Eighty two Oh.    These have really not done much lately.  I expect them to move up soon to join the CCC.coms that have really jumped
.  A great marketing name for $12 for some snack food maker.   No bidders
. with no fours or 8s.   $3K plus now. $5K plus in my opinion in a year
.  Western Premium.  Value play
.  Doing better than I thought but it is better word than PodCast
.  2 years ago this would have been as bad of letters as you could buy. Now even with a V, it’s worth over $300 IMO
.  I don’t like dot co at all. Buttttttttt these are selling for more each day so they have my attention
.  Floor price is $250 on this type
.  I told you they have my attention
.  I like this one.  There are some that are selling for more that I don’t like as much as this one.  But that means nothing.  The market could care less what I like
.  Since I like the above I obviously like this one as well
.  This is the type of that will be worth more very soon IMO.  And I’ve already been outbid on my bid
.  Watching the V market really helps you understand how the market is moving.  Watching what they sell for shows you the floor and when the floor move up, everything moves up.  Boats
.  Will be real interesting to see how this one finishes.  First time a repeating number .biz has been sold publicly in a while
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.  Almost everyone has a few.  I like products that everyone has
.  Wooooo Big Word.  Have never used it in a sentence but smart people have and that’s why its valuable.  Smart people market
. I feel like its been up for auction a lot but that doesn’t take away from the fact its a fantastic stock market name
. It’s going to take more than the current bid for this one to sell.
.   Worth $250 or more IMO.  Not half that yet
.   I am, and always have been, a buyer of the repeating, every other letter   I think they are easier to remember and sound good.  And fortunately for me, they are now worth quite a bit.  I will be a bidder here
. That $10,000 initial bid has been passed
.   A CHIP, therefore now worth $1300 plus (moved up $100 this week)
.   If you read the above you know I’m on this one as well

.  I heard we’re doing LLLL.nets now and if we are this is a nice one
.  Surprised Media Options is letting this one go.   Very very nice
.   This is the kind of that is not a chip that I think is a nice buy and at value right now.  My opinion only
.  I liked ePhoto a lot more last week but this is still very nice
.  You mean you’ll remove my mugshot for $50?  Or you’ll clean up my credit rating for $50
.  There are a lot of guys that spell John this way.  Buy it and sell it to the richest one
.  I think of the brewery but a good CVCV regardless
. Upgrade name for a few places that share the name.  Just a few bidders
.  Great name for temp labor.
.  This one is going to take a buildout but a credit card comparison site could make big bank
.  I know you can’t tell by looking at them but people in Wisconsin still spend hundreds of millions on dental.  Somebody there would benefit from this name.  You just have to find them
.  Nice Western and Chinese premium.  Would love to own this one
.   Good Luck Doctor.  I know, a stretch.  You’ll have a little time to think about it as you wait for it to hit $4K
.  All the bids are playing on the trademarked brand Vespa
.  Another one of the Shane’s.  Repeating every other letter
.  We know that the Chinese like the AABB names but what if one is a vowel?
Have a name at auction and need more exposure? Send me an email. (if you have trouble with the contact form its [email protected] this domain name) I Charge $10 per name per day. We may be able to help. If you have an auction you want to promote, email us for details.*All names chosen by me, Shane . (ie you click through and purchase a name you like) or an occasional paid listing. Everything I say is based on my own research or is opinion. Do your own due diligence. That means look it up yourself if you don’t think the stats or my opinion is corrects

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