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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: First Day of 2015 Edition

Today’s the day.  Time to erase the chalkboard and start again.  Celebrating the successes of the last year and the past and setting goals for the new.  Aaron ended it with a bang with a fantastic sale (which I imagine he will stall until today or later for tax reasons) and I actually bought a name. I bought .   You can imagine why I bought it (other than tax reasons).  I love trees and the Sugar Maple is my favorite. It also makes a fantastic brand to boot.  It was a nice private sale that took place in less than 18 hours proving that if a buyer and seller want to complete a deal through escrow quickly it can be done in hours.  A great end to a great year for both of us.  I looked over my numbers for the year and it was a banner year for this list as well.  Easily over a million dollars worth of names purchased.  Hundreds of thousands from Godaddy alone.  Nothing my my buddy Mr. Rosener but not too bad for a little blog like Aaron and I have.  Here’s hoping to even more in 2015.  And a special thanks to all our sponsors of this blog.  Please click at least once on all of them today to saw thank you.  PS: Go Bama.  My degree means nothing, it’s all about National Championships. Here are today’s names.  Not sure if it’s going to be a site with gymnast hitting their landings or a greasy bohunk taking on 4 girls in a Hollywood home with modern furniture   One of the better names on a thin selection Upgrade name for a bunch of companies.  Tons of ads.  Hardly any bidders  Almost all CVCV are worth $2K plus now.  Even the ones that sound like “fucks you”  I’m going to go out on a limb and say I really like this as a brand.  A cheap brand but a brand.  No bidders. 11 years old   Another no bid, $12 name.    Could be cheaper than a pedicure itself  Pronounced ErrrGop  No bidders.  Would make a good brand and everyone will pay attention when she has her naughty jeans on  Double 5s seem to be almost as good as double 8s  Has a lot of results for a lot of different things.  It’s a and that’s good enough for me  I have no idea why its this high

A PRE NEW YEARS GODADDY COUPON CODE: A 99 Cent Dot Com Registration GOFDAU10  Lots of uses but Fantasy Football comes to mind. 18 years old. No bidders  Over 100 bidders already  Pending delete.  This is the type of you want to own besides the obvious dictionary word  With oil and natural gas falling like a rock now may be a good time to get a little discount on alternative energy names  Getting a great price.  I’ll be monitoring this one….sorry, I’ve started drinking for New Year as I write this

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